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Happy Holidays?

Posted by on Dec 20, 2009 in discipleship | 11 comments

I have to be honest. It doesn’t offend me when someone says, “Happy Holidays.” Seriously. I don’t mind it.

Why? Because Christmas is much more about tradition and culture than about following Jesus Christ.

“Merry Christmas” is not a profession nor a demonstration that someone is following Christ. In the same way, “Happy Holidays” is not a denial of Christ.

I just think there are many, many more important things to be concerned about than whether or not someone says “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.”


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  1. 12-20-2009

    If Christians say “happy holidays” and supports companies that won’t say “Merry Christmas” they will be in danger of the hell fire and lose their salvation.

  2. 12-20-2009

    Amen and amen!

  3. 12-20-2009

    How interesting. We (Beyond the Box) are about to post an episode dealing with this very topic. Neither expecting non-Christians to say “Merry Christmas” nor getting offended if someone says “Happy Holidays” are helpful to anyone or anything.

    Ironically, Christmas IS a holiday, so if someone says, “Happy Holidays”, it still applies.

  4. 12-20-2009


    Happy Holidays! 😉




    I’m looking forward to your episode!


  5. 12-20-2009

    I’ve been wondering about this whole thing for a while. It seems that the folks who get their underdrawers in a wad about it would be helped by some education about the roots of the Christmas holiday (pagan/Druid) and when Jesus was actually born (likely March/April-ish) and the reasons that the holiday was engaged in to begin with. Once we have a better understanding of why we celebrate when we do, it’s easier to widen the tent (so to speak) and include Jewish, Muslim and African-American holiday celebrations in our greetings.

    The other part of it is this … I don’t understand how wishing someone a Happy Holiday in anyway diminishes my celebration of Jesus’ birth. Asking people who don’t believe to use words that are meaningless to them, or wishing them something that is offensive is … well … weird. And doesn’t make any sense to me.

  6. 12-20-2009

    Laughing uncontrollably

  7. 12-20-2009


    “Because Christmas is much more about tradition and culture than about following Jesus Christ.”

    I never looked at it that way, but you’re right…

  8. 12-20-2009


    “Happy Holidays” and “Season’s Greetings” have been used widely by Christians my whole life, as well as the culture around us. “Happy Holidays” means just what it says: holiday is in the plural, meaning that there is at least one holiday more than just Christmas. Like New Years Day. I’ve always taken this term to mean the grouping of holidays that WE (as Christians) celebrate at this time of year, and not a plurality of politically correct terminology that seeks to reject Christ.

    If atheists and non-Christian bedwetters want to adopt our own “Happy Holidays” as their own to make a point, why should we become Christian bedwetters in rejecting our own terminology? It seems that in doing so we’ve already given the victory over. Oh, and, Happy Holidays: Christmas and New Years.

  9. 12-20-2009

    Your responses (except Lionel’s!) are so much more thoughtful than most of the reactions that I’ve heard. Thank you all!


  10. 12-21-2009

    Steve, you’re forgetting Boxing Day (Great Britain and her former colonies) and Epiphany (Jan. 5 or 6) … there are several holidays at this season which Christians celebrate all in a row. So you’re correct, wishing someone “Happy Holidays” just lumps them all together.

  11. 12-22-2009


    Yes, I did forget them. Also, about 10 minutes ago, a Bing Crosby and Fred Astair movie on TV (made in the 40’s) had people saying “Happy Holidays.”