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Don’t Study Greek

Posted by on Dec 7, 2009 in NT Greek | 9 comments

There are many, many good reasons to study New Testament (Koine) Greek. Of course, there are some not-so-good reasons also. Don’t study Greek…

  • if you think it will make you more spiritual or “closer to God.”
  • if you think knowing Greek will answer all of your questions about Scripture.
  • if you want to impress people with how much you know.
  • if you want to win theological arguments.


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  1. 12-7-2009

    …if you’re at seminary for the career opportunity.

  2. 12-7-2009

    …so you can say in your sermons, “In the Greek, this word means…” As if knowing a simple word in Greek makes you the master of biblical knowledge.

    It really stuck with me when Dave Black said in class that he doesn’t mention the Greek in his sermons.

  3. 12-7-2009

    Shoot, well I better stick to the english versions. What if I study it in Spanish, will it be okay if I do those things listed?

  4. 12-7-2009

    Que bueno, Lionel!

  5. 12-7-2009

    solamente si estudias el King James Version de 1611.

  6. 12-7-2009

    Jonathan (talloaf) and Eric,

    Good ones. Thanks for the additions!

    Everyone else,

    Let’s keep Spanish out of this discussion, ok? Gracias. 😉


  7. 12-7-2009

    ¿Por qué? One can be prideful in just about any language. I think that may have been Lionel’s point….

  8. 12-7-2009

    So I am expecting you to tell us why we should study right?

  9. 12-7-2009




    What?!?! Why do you expect me to do everything? You write that one. 🙂

    Yes, I’m going to write some posts about good reasons to study Greek.



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