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Dave Black’s Resources for Learning NT Greek

Posted by on Dec 14, 2009 in books, NT Greek | 3 comments

Dave Black has a knack for making difficult subjects less difficult. (By the way, I thought this about Dr. Black before he was my PhD mentor.) He has written several “introductory” books that aid the student of New Testament Greek. Here are a few books that everyone learning NT Greek should have at their disposal:

Learn to Read New Testament Greek
In his introductory Greek grammar, Black introduces the student to the morphological method of NT Greek. He shows his reader how to identify the “building blocks” (i.e. morphemes) that make up Greek words.

It’s Still Greek to Me
In this book, Black “introduces” the reader to intermediate topics in Greek grammar and syntax. He discusses difficult topics in an easy-to-understand and humorous manner.

Linguistics and New Testament Interpretation: Essays on Discourse Analysis
This book introduces the student to the field of linguistics and discourse analysis as it pertains to the New Testament. The essays in the first part of the book discuss various principles related to linguistics, while the essays in the second part of the book uses those principles to study various passages in the NT.


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  1. 12-14-2009

    I’ll have a review of the first book up tomorrow and from reading your post and reviews I think I’ll be getting the second book. I already planned on getting the third.

  2. 12-15-2009

    I have all three of these as well I quite agree! (what about his NT Textual Criticism book? I don’t have that one yet.)

  3. 12-15-2009

    Scripture Zealot,

    I’m looking forward to your review.


    Yes, the Textual Criticism intro is also very good. I should have included that one in my list.