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Book Bonanza

Posted by on Dec 24, 2009 in books | 4 comments

I love getting books as gifts. Some of my family don’t like to give me books, because they think it’s boring. But, I love to get books. These are the books that I’ve received today (alphabetized by author, of course):

Deep Church: A Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional by Jim Belcher

When the Church was Young by Ernest Loosely

Biblical Theology: Issues, Methods, and Themes by James K. Mead

Translating the New Testament: Text, Translation, Theology by Stanley E. Porter and Mark J. Boda

Apostle Paul: His Life and Theology by Udo Schnelle

Theology of the New Testament by Udo Schnelle

Hermeneutics: An Introduction by Anthony C. Thiselton

I’m guessing that you’ll see excerpts from these books on this blog in the coming days, weeks, and months.


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  1. 12-24-2009

    That’s a great haul, what a blessing!

  2. 12-25-2009

    Imagine living in a part of the world where books mold and rot in a matter of days. Being on missions in the Cloud Forest region of Ecuador has cramped my voracious reading until this past month. I was gifted an ereader. Now I can read and not worry about it. Books are great gifts, even if they are digital.

  3. 12-26-2009


    What do you think about the ereader? I’ve often wondered if I would like that or not.


  4. 12-28-2009

    I have a Sony ereader Touch. For me, because of where I live and scattered wifi and cellular connection, it was a better fit. Its really a great piece of machinery. I like the note taking capability and the many different ereading formats.