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Bad Influence?

Posted by on Dec 30, 2009 in blog links, discipleship, service | 1 comment

So, my friend Jason at “Fight the Good Fight” has posted an “End of Year Recap.” I wonder if I (and a few other miscreants) have been bad influences on Jason. He writes:

This summer’s internship with Mike had several influences. First of all, it solidified the fact that I love working with youth, teaching them, building relationships, showing them how to live. Second of all, it solidified the thought that was circling in the back of my mind that vocational ministry is not what God was “calling” me to. It’s been made pretty clear to me over the past year, through the scriptures that God does not call individuals to “ministry”, but rather everyone to ministry if they are a Christian. Elders/Pastors are a necessary part of the church body, yes, they oversee and teach, but they are not the head of the church. It seems that experience has shown me this past summer that vocational ministry (paid ministry) is the cause of many of the things wrong with the way the church functions today. It pervades the way people think, regardless of if it is scriptural or not. It influences the body’s idea of ministry to the point of creating the idea that ministry is for those in vocational ministry. Not only that, but the idea of hiring out that position to someone who you have no relationship with is definitely not the way scripture presents it. If we hold the standard of watching our deacons live to make sure they are qualified, why do we not hold that same standard for pastor/elders? How can we as a church, entrust the oversight of our body to a man we don’t even know. There is no way that a “search committee” could effectively analyze a pastor and the way he lives with a few interview questions. Ultimately, God has shown me that I need to be a “tent maker”, if you want to put it that way. Support my family in the best way I can and do ministry (what God calls every Christian to do, disciple, spread the gospel, etc…) and utilize whatever spiritual gift I have within the body to encourage them, whether it be teaching, playing guitar, whatever.

I hope that we can continue to influence young men like this.

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  1. 12-30-2009

    if it weren’t for miscreants like you guys, id be the pastor of my very own megachurch by now… 🙂