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If you can’t spend the night don’t bother going

Posted by on Nov 16, 2009 in blog links, discipleship | 6 comments

Strider, at “Tales from Middle Earth,” is one of the best storytellers that I read. And, as a bonus, his stories are true. In his latest post called “When the Road is too Long,” he tells the story of traveling to a wedding – or, rather, attempting to travel to a wedding.

When he realized that he was not going to get to the wedding in time, he and his family stay with some friends in a nearby village. It was only after all of the other visitors left, and his family remained past normal “visiting” hours that the host opened up and was interested in hearing the gospel.

This is what Strider concludes:

We have a saying on our team that says that if you can’t spend the night don’t bother going. I don’t always live by this but this story reminds me of the truth of it. When we spend the night with people we stay past the polite guest phase and hang around for the deep conversation phase of the day.

It is important to hang around for the deep conversation phase of they day. I’ve found that this can happen earlier, but only after spending time and getting to know the person.

Yes, I know that many people are open to the gospel at any time, and we should be ready and willing to share anytime. However, for those who are not immediately ready, it often takes time, patience, and love in order to earn a right to be heard.

Are we willing to take the time?


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  1. 11-16-2009

    I am .. y’all were always the ones who were too old to stay awake … 😉

  2. 11-16-2009


    Like I always say: Quality time!

  3. 11-16-2009


    Some of us have to wake up before the “crack of noon”? 😉

    Seriously, you and Cindy have been great examples for us of the importance of spending time with people.

    Aussie John,

    Yes. And, often you have to spend quantity time in order to reach quality time.


  4. 11-16-2009



  5. 11-17-2009

    Hey Alan, Thanks for linking the story. For the record I am not the night-owl I once was but for these kinds of conversations I can stay up a little later!

  6. 11-17-2009

    There is no question that some of the best conversations have been after the official Bible study has ended. There are many times I must tell myself that I can sleep tomorrow (though, I must confess, there are probably nearly as many times that I at least internally grouse–needing to wake up at 4:45 am encourages such unfortunate behavior). Still, the mutual ministry is worth the price.