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Facebook Stati Ecclesiae

Posted by on Nov 16, 2009 in community, discipleship, elders, fellowship, gathering, love, service, unity, worship | 4 comments

When I update my Facebook statuses (stati?), they usually fall under one of four categories:

1. Links to my blog posts.

2. Something humorous.

3. Things that I’m doing or have done.

4. Something about the church.

Sometimes, my status updates about the church lead to good discussions. Here are some Facebook statuses that I’ve written recently about the church:


1. “Members expected. Visitors welcome.” (from a sign in front of a church building) huh? If you’re getting together with us only because you think its expected of you, then you may as well stay home.


2. (From a discussion about discipleship…) “The church is full of Ethiopian eunuchs.” What do you think that statement means? Do you agree or disagree?


3. Quote from SYTYCD (“So You Think You Can Dance”) that every believer should be able to say about the church: “Everyone in my family has affected who I am in one way or another.”


4. “Exhort one another daily”… but today is Tuesday… What if I only see them on Sunday?


5. “Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.” hmmmm… which one will I demonstrate today?


6. Both the priest and the Levite thought they loved the injured man, but only the Samaritan truly loved him.


7. Wednesday night worship service and church activities = milking goats for our friends while they are out of town.


8. Are you a child of God? Then also consider yourself an ordained minister and missionary. Now, live accordingly.


9. If you can’t replace the word “ministry” with the word “service”, then you’re not using the word “ministry” in the same sense as Scripture.


10. Get out of “the ministry” and start ministering.


11. Today, the church agreed that there will be coffee shops in the new heavens and new earth. However, we quickly divided concerning the style / brand / roast of coffee that would be served.


12. The Lord’s Supper (intended to demonstrate our unity around a common table, among other things) is too often used to divide.


13. If the church in my house meets the church in your house while we’re all in the park, do we become the church in the park, or two churches in the park?


14. Discipleship requires sharing life. If you are preaching/teaching but not sharing your life, then you are not making disciples.


15. Spiritual maturity occurs primarily in community… and community can’t happen one or two days a week.


Well, there you have it… fifteen Facebook status updates… numbered for your convenience. Feel free to comment on any or all and to add your own thoughts.


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  1. 11-16-2009

    Today, the church agreed that there will be coffee shops in the new heavens and new earth.

    This is not a loaded question, but … do you really think so? I’ve been wondering lately about exactly what the “economy” of the New Jerusalem will be like. And I wonder if there will be, say, restaurants and shops and such, because I wonder who would be blessed by working in one. Inviting friends over for coffee I can see; expecting someone to hang around a coffee shop so that I can come in at some point and be served by them … well, I don’t know.

  2. 11-16-2009


    This status was fictional and supposed to be humorous, but at the same time point out how often we divide over issues that are not important. Thus, the church agreed over an inconsequential issue (coffee shops), then divided over an even less important issue (what kind of coffee).


  3. 11-16-2009

    #6,,,I don’t think the priest and Levite honestly thought they loved him…

    #7,,,there’s no better worship service…

    #8, #9, #10,,, AMEN !!!

    #11,,,Who really cares if there is coffee in Heaven,,,,, just as long as there are plenty of ponds filled with 25 lb. bass,,,,let’s stay spiritual here…

  4. 11-17-2009

    Here’s something a friend of mine posted on her status (or was it her wall?):

    “Why do we sleep in church, but stαy αwαke through α 3 hour movie? Why is it so hαrd to tαlk to God, but so eαsy to gossip? Why is it so eαsy to ignore α Godly text messαge, but re-send the nαsty ones? Are you going to post this on your stαtus or ignore it? Jesus sαid “If you deny me in front of your friends, I will deny you in front of my fαther.” If you love Jesus post this on your wall”

    One of the responses:
    “why do people sleep in church because there is no popcorn to eat in there”

    I say forget the coffee. Try popcorn instead.