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Running and Camping

Posted by on Oct 10, 2009 in community, discipleship, fellowship, gathering, service | 3 comments

This morning, our family is volunteering to help the Franklin County Humane Society. Normally, we are a foster family for orphaned puppies. Today, we’re also helping them with their 5k run/walk. Some of Jeremy and Miranda’s friends are also helping us.

I’m looking forward to the free Starbucks coffee and free lunch. But, I’m even more interested in continuing to build relationships with some of the humane society volunteers. Actually, Margaret is farther along is developing those relationships than I am, but hopefully I’ll be able to help (and not hinder) her today.

After we help the humane society, we’re heading to the lake to meet up with the church. We’re camping together this weekend. The church has camped together five or six times, but this is only the third time for our family. We’ve either had other plans or have been out of town during the camping trips.

The camping trips have always been incredible. We get to fellowship with one another for almost 48 hours straight – except for sleeping times.

So, today will include two of my favorite activities: service and fellowship. In fact, the service will include time of fellowship, and the fellowship will include times of service. And, God willing, we’ll be making disciples all the time.


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  1. 10-11-2009

    Sounds like a great time Alan…don’t you just love hanging out and getting to know people?

  2. 10-11-2009


    Yes, I do. I’m not sure its possible to love and serve people as God wants us to do without first getting to know them.


  3. 10-11-2009

    I agree…