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Church involvement

Posted by on Oct 3, 2009 in books, community, fellowship | 4 comments

I’ve been part of several churches in which the leaders were very concerned with involvement. What does that mean? It means that they wanted people to be involved with their church programs. Some even had staff members who were paid to make sure that people got involved.

At the end of When the Church Was a Family, Joseph H. Hellerman makes the following statement:

Church involvement in the New Testament sense means the development of intimate, healthy, long-lasting relationships with one’s brothers and sisters in Christ. (223)

Is Hellerman correct? Is there a difference between getting people involved in programs and activities and getting them involved in intimate, healthy, long-lasting relationships?

(By the way, I’ve finished reading Hellerman’s book, and I’m working on a review. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone!)


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  1. 10-3-2009

    I have his book in my amazon cart, once I finish a few other books up I might buy it.

  2. 10-3-2009



  3. 10-3-2009

    YES! I think Hellerman is onto something…in the new testament sense…in the modern church sense he’s going to ruin our programs and attendance numbers! 🙂

    OK, seriously…I think that there is much confusion in the modern church between involvement in programs or church function and getting deeply connected to other followers of Jesus. Perhaps the confusion comes from a lack of understanding as to what the church of Jesus’ is…a facility or people.

  4. 10-3-2009


    I hope you get a chance to read it. It is a very good book.

    Aussie John,

    I agree.


    Its good to see you blogging again. I agree that many churches seem to identify themselves more with buildings or programs. I also agree that this can be problematic.