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Camping Weekend and Elders

Posted by on Oct 11, 2009 in community, elders, fellowship, gathering | Comments Off on Camping Weekend and Elders

We just returned home from camping with the church. Every camping trip is different (this is our sixth camping trip as a church), and this one was different also. I think we all learned alot about ourselves, about one another, and about God.

There were several highlights… really too many to mention. But, a couple of hikes and the baptism were definitely among the top.

I’ve posted some pictures of the camping trip on my facebook profile.

Also, today the church recognized four more elders. When we started meeting together five years ago, we recognized four elders. When Mael moved to Texas last month, I was the only elder remaining. For the last two months, the church has been talking about elders. And, today, as the last step in the process, we recognized four more men as elders. So, I’m excited that I am not the only recognized elder any longer.