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By watching Christians…

Posted by on Sep 22, 2009 in blog links, discipleship | 4 comments

Yesterday, I read an excellent post by Joe (JR) at “More Than Cake” called “Daisy Cutter Doctrine.” Joe is interacting with Skye Jethani. But, I am posting this because of a quote that Joe uses to close his post. It is a quote by Phil Vischer, one of the founders of Big Idea Productions and VeggieTales:

I am growing increasingly convinced that if every one of these kids burning with passion to write that hit Christian song or make that hit Christian movie or start that hit Christian ministry to change the world would instead focus their passion on walking with God on a daily basis, the world would change… So why do I believe a thousand kids walking with God will have more impact on the world than one kid making a hit movie? Because the world learns about God not by watching Christian movies, but by watching Christians. – Phil Vischer, Me, Myself, and Bob, pg. 243


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  1. 9-22-2009

    Sooooo insightful.

  2. 9-22-2009


    Back to a comment I made recently :

    We MUST be SEEN TO BE whom we SAY we ARE!

  3. 9-22-2009

    Our children’s program used Veggie Connections curriculum for a year or so. I don’t work with the kids, but one thing I did like about the curriculum: it taught children to study Scripture via a version of the What does it say? What does it mean? What should I do? method.

    I’d say equipping kids to take responsibility for their faith is putting effort behind your words

  4. 9-23-2009

    YES!!! The world will know us by our love – love for God, love for each other, love for our neighbors…. !