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Arthur Sido on Orthodoxy and Community

Posted by on Sep 2, 2009 in community | 1 comment

Arthur at “the voice of one crying out in suburbia” has written one of the best posts that I’ve read recently. It is called “The Ancient Paths.”

Here is a snippet of Arthur’s post:

On the other hand, let me be clear: the traditional church does not have a corner on the orthodoxy market. You can (and you must!) be orthodox in doctrine and still have a meaningful community, a meaningful relational model that is not encumbered with rituals and traditions designed to replace genuine fellowship and to subcontract out Christian ministry. The ancient paths and the tradition bound church are not inseparable. All too often it seems that having the right soteriology gives you a pass on examining your ecclesiology and that should not be the case.

A set of doctrines is not enough. A close-knit group is not enough.

Read the whole thing. If you enjoy it… great! If it makes you think… even better!

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  1. 9-2-2009


    Read it! Absolutely agree!