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PhD Comprehensive Exams

Posted by on Aug 3, 2009 in personal | 14 comments

I passed my PhD Comprehensive exams this morning (written and oral). I took the written part of my comps a few weeks ago, and took the oral part this morning. My orals were given by Drs. Black, Beck, and Robinson. I thoroughly enjoyed my oral exams, and I’m grateful to the three men who administered it.

So, what’s left in my PhD studies? The next step is to finish my prospectus and to get it approved. (The prospectus explains what my dissertation will be about and what methodology I will use.) After my prospectus is approved, I will write my dissertation.


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  1. 8-3-2009

    Awesome, Alan! Congratulations!

  2. 8-3-2009

    Congrats! You’ve done the easy part : )


  3. 8-3-2009


    I had no doubt you would do well. Congratulations! I look forward to your dissertation.

    We are also looking forward to seeing you soon!

  4. 8-3-2009

    Congratulations! I also look forward to your dissertation.

  5. 8-3-2009


    My sincere congratulations, and praise to our Father who has given you the grace to succeed!

  6. 8-3-2009


    Congratulations! Fantastic!


  7. 8-3-2009


    If I could guess, you’re going to write the Baptist view on the Designated Hitter? 😉

  8. 8-3-2009

    Way to go, Alan! The Lord’s blessings as you continue onward.
    Grace and Peace,

  9. 8-3-2009


    Congratulations! May God continue to grow you and use you for His glory.


  10. 8-3-2009

    Thank you all!


  11. 8-3-2009

    Been there, done that….I know what a huge step that is. Congratulations…enjoy it for 3 days then get on your dissertation.

  12. 8-3-2009

    Congratulations! Major milestone and accomplishment. I pray that God will guide as you prepare your prospectus and write your dissertation.

  13. 8-4-2009

    Congratulations! My comps are years away, but I am glad to hear many a Ph.D. student say that orals are enjoyable.

  14. 8-5-2009

    Congratulations, Alan! My prayers are with you as you move forward in the process.