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stories: Serving the Servants

Posted by on Jul 15, 2009 in service, stories | Comments Off on stories: Serving the Servants

This post is part of my “stories” series. In this series, I share stories of how people live their lives in response to the gospel and as a demonstration of God’s love in order to teach us and to provide an example to provoke us to love and good works. (See “stories: A New Series” for more information about this series.)

Last week, I wrote about my friend Maël (pronounced like Ishmael without the Ish) from “The Adventures of Maël and Cindy.” Maël and Cindy are great servants and great examples to the church. Our family has learned alot from them over the last several years.

Three years ago, they bought a foreclosure house. To say it needed alot of work would be an understatement. So, they began to work on it slowly while Maël was in school and worked. Not long ago, they made the decision to move to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Now, they need to finish their house in a very short period of time.

Several times, people gathered together at their house on Saturdays to help them work on the house. Others brought meals so the workers would not have to stop to prepare food.

On one of the days that friends were helping Maël and Cindy work on their house, one of their neighbors moved. The realtor came over to see what was going on. He was surprised that a church would spend so much time and effort on a Saturday to help out someone like that.

As I wrote last week, in a post called “stories: Maël’s grandmother,” Maël and Cindy had to go to Europe unexpectedly for two weeks because of the death of his grandfather and grandmother. Now that they’ve returned, they are even more pressed for time to finish their house.

Several people have volunteered to take them meals every day until the work is finished or until they move. Other people are coming over almost every day to help them work on their house. One of the groups that meets on Wednesdays for fellowship and Bible study have canceled their get togethers in order to go to Maël and Cindy’s house to help.

Now, this may sound strange. We are not excited that Maël and Cindy are moving. But, we are very excited about the way people are serving them. And, they are not just serving a little – this is hard, sweaty, tiring work. But, we love Maël and Cindy.

Do you know someone who is a servant? What better way to show your appreciation for their service and example than to serve them or to serve others?


If you would like for me to include your story in this series, please send me an email at aknox [at] sebts [dot] edu.