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School Update

Posted by on May 24, 2009 in personal | Comments Off on School Update

I started publishing this blog just over three years ago as I was starting the PhD program at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Part of my PhD program ended last week.

I took my last PhD class. So, I’ve completed all the classwork requirements for the PhD. What’s left? Well, sometime in the middle of July – if the timing works out – I’ll take the written and oral comprehensive exams. If I pass my comps, then I’ll have to submit a prospectus of my dissertation. Once my prospectus is accepted, I’ll write my dissertation. When my dissertation is accepted, I’ll have to defend it. Then, I will have completed all the requirements for my PhD.

As of now, the title of my dissertation will be “The Purpose for the Church Gathering in the New Testament: A Study in Biblical Theology”.