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Do we want this?

Posted by on May 18, 2009 in blog links | 2 comments

Guy at “The M Blog” has blown all “church growth” strategies out of the water with his latest post “How 29 believers became 110 believers starting 5 house churches–and all in less than a year“. Guy tells the story of one of his local friends and their church. Then, he summarizes like this:

As much as I quizzed Geovanny, the only “strategy” was prayer and proclamation of the Gospel. So much for all the fancy stuff we think we have to do to reach the lost! No surveys taken, no $150 conferences (plus $800 airfare/hotel) to learn “how to”, no $$$ spent on media campaigns, no stadiums rented out, no free concerts or hot dogs…just prayer and proclamation. Sometimes I think we ought to take a year’s fast from all our books, conferences, blogs, internet, and do nothing more than get serious about prayer, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us in what Jesus would have us do to reach our lost family, friends, neighbors and co-workers with the Good News of Christ.

The interesting thing about this story: anyone can do it. No training required – just a love of God and others, and complete reliance on God.

Another interesting thing about this story: I’m not convinced that many people here want to see something like this happen. We love our own models and methods and structures too much to set them aside to see the church grow like this.

I hope that I’m wrong about that second point.


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  1. 5-18-2009

    Great question, DO WE REALLY WANT THIS? This kind of growth really impacts our lifestyles that we have grown comfortable with.

    The honest answer to your question might well reveal why God has chosen to not do the same kinds of works in N. America like He is doing in other parts of the world. If I am really honest, I don’t want that much intrusion of the Kingdom into my personal life.

    What continues to amaze me about so many of the brethren here, is that the Kingdom truly becomes that which they seek first in their lives. They don’t have time for the “other stuff” that seems to fill most of my days.

  2. 5-18-2009


    Please continue writing these kinds of posts. I’m more convicted and encouraged by what God is actually doing (through examples like yours) than all the theoretical and methodological books and articles that I’ve read.