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Church at the beach

Posted by on May 2, 2009 in edification, gathering | 10 comments

Tomorrow, our church is traveling to Wrightsville Beach, NC. We’ll be enjoying one another’s company on the beach all day instead of meeting in our normal location.

I know, many people couldn’t imagine meeting somewhere besides their normal place, usually a special church building. But, we’re strange. We love to spend time with one another in many different environments: the beach, the woods (camping), the lake (picnics).

Of course, if the church is the people, then it doesn’t matter where the church meets.

But, what about those people who can’t travel for 2 1/2 hours Sunday morning and 2 1/2 hours Sunday evening in order to spend the day at the beach? We’ve encouraged them to get together, or to spend time with friends who are part of other churches. Yes, we often encourage one another to “visit other churches”. Aren’t we afraid they may decide to become part of those churches? Not at all. If that’s where God can use them to serve him and serve others, then that’s wonderful!

Anyway, once again, we’re strange. We hope to build up the body of Christ – those who travel to the beach, those who stay in the Wake Forest area, those who are part of other churches… the body of Christ.


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  1. 5-2-2009

    that’s the beach we go to all the time 🙂 I’m envious of the way you all are being the church/doing church. when I hear u talk about the church, I long for the true community yall have….

    We have connection days at the beach with our church community – but we wouldn’t ever not gather on Sunday mornings at the regular time/place…. but I haven’t lost hope that maybe someday we can ‘get over’ our love of the weird Sunday morning ritual thing. yall enjoy!!! 🙂

  2. 5-2-2009

    Yes, you are stange. And it is very cool!

  3. 5-2-2009


    One of the best things you guys are doing is showing how “the Church” is much bigger than “my local congregation”. We can forget that.


  4. 5-2-2009

    It is a balmy 56 degrees here, so no beach for us.

    Besides, I need to build up the body of Arthur before I go to the beach to build up the body of Christ. Don’t want to frighten the children.

  5. 5-2-2009

    Randi Jo,

    Come join us! We’ll be at the south pier. (Probably under the pier.)


    God has certainly surrounded us with cool people.


    We’re learning. I think we still have a long way to go.


    Trust me, Alan’s body is going to stay covered. But, hopefully, Christ’s body will be visible and obvious to everyone there.


  6. 5-2-2009

    small enough world that’s the spot we always go to!! 🙂 the oceanic pier… good shade on hot days for the little one. what time will yall be there til?

  7. 5-2-2009

    Randi Jo,

    When we leave will probably depend on the weather. I think they’re calling for late afternoon t’storms. We’ll probably leave if the weather starts looking bad.

    I’m thinking about seeing if anyone wants to go to Sticky Fingers for dinner.


  8. 5-2-2009

    awww I hope it’s nice weather for you all! it always changes so frequently on the coast so maybe it will be beautiful! they called for storms today and it was beautiful in the afternoon 🙂

    thanks so much for keeping me posted – after morning with church – I will try to stalk you all depending on weather 🙂

    ohh sticky fingers so good too 🙂

  9. 5-3-2009

    hope u all enjoyed it!! was thinking of you all!…. my little guy boycotted nap today which made for an interesting rest of this afternoon till he finally crashed on the couch just now haha.. I wonder what a 6:00 night time means for tomorrow morning!? 🙂 anyway, hope you all enjoyed it. looking forward to learning more from u and perhaps God will cross our paths physically again soon!

  10. 5-3-2009

    Randi Jo,

    We had a great time! The weather was very good, although it was a little windy. Perhaps we’ll cross paths later.