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Recognizing servants

Posted by on Apr 16, 2009 in blog links, elders, office | 2 comments

I thought this short post by Matthew McDill (primarily quoting F.F. Bruce) called “Ministry is not a Career Choice” was very appropriate to our discussions on this blog this week:

“The policy of Paul and his colleagues seems to have been to wait until qualities of spiritual leadership displayed themselves in certain members of a church and then to urge the others to acknowledge and respect those as leaders. One of the most obvious qualities of leadership was a readiness to serve the church and care for its needs. Such leaders did not do the appropriate work because they had been appointed as leaders; they were recognized as leaders because they were seen to be doing the work.” F. F. Bruce, Commentary on 1 Thessalonians

The New Testament does not present ministry as a career choice.

By the way, remember that the word “ministry” simply means “service”.

(p.s. Congratulations to Matthew for completing his Ph.D. dissertation!)


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  1. 4-16-2009


    Couldn’t agree more!!


  2. 4-16-2009


    I cannot agree more with Matthew’s choice of title, “Ministry is Not a Carreer Choice”, and with F.F.Bruce’s assertions.

    That MUST apply to EVERY function, not only elders.