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Holy Week has been postponed

Posted by on Apr 12, 2009 in personal | 7 comments

Because of unforeseen circumstances, Holy Week has been postponed. I know that many of you have been thinking about the cross and the resurrection this week. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Holy Week will now be held next week. That’s right, this Sunday (today) you can think about Jesus coming into Jerusalem to die. On Holy Monday through Thursday of next week, you can think about the acts of Jerusalem leading up to the last supper, such as his anointing at Bethany. On Maundy Thursday of next week, please continue to think about the Last Supper and Jesus’ example of service by washing his disciples’ feet. On next week’s Good Friday, please think about the cross and the death of Jesus. You can even continue to remember Jesus’ death and his time in the tomb next Saturday. Finally, on Easter Sunday – next Sunday – please think about the resurrection of Jesus and its implications for your life.

By the way, after you’ve thought about all of these things again for another week, we will once again postpone Holy Week. Don’t worry, it will do you good to think about these things week after week, instead of just one week out of the year.


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  1. 4-12-2009

    Sounds like a good idea.

  2. 4-12-2009


    I wonder how many tweets, facebook statuses, and blog posts will celebrate the resurrection tomorrow?


  3. 4-12-2009

    I like the idea of postponong it. You can also get the same clothes cheaper!

  4. 4-12-2009


    Bargain basement “christianism”: A lifetime for the cost of one week.

  5. 4-12-2009

    I heart this post

  6. 4-12-2009

    Excellent idea.

    Can I keep eating this much chocolate all year long too. 🙂

  7. 4-12-2009


    I can get my blue jeans and sandals cheaper next week?

    Aussie John,

    Well, commitment for two weeks at least… don’t forget about Christmas.


    I heart that you heart this post.


    Eat all the chocolate you’d like.