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Community Gardens

Posted by on Apr 24, 2009 in community, service | 9 comments

There is an article in the News and Observer from last week about churches starting community gardens for “the benefit of the church, local food pantries and other nonprofit groups”. Some friends of our in Cleveland are planning to start a community garden soon near their neighborhood. We’ve talked with some people about community gardens, and we think it would be beneficial for the neighborhood where we spend time on Saturdays.

Unfortunately, neither Margaret nor I have had much luck in the past with keeping flower or potted plants alive, much less a garden. We’ve been praying that God would bring someone into our lives who knows how to care for a garden, has a desire to help with a community garden, and has a desire to teach others how to care for a garden. So far, we haven’t met anyone.

Do you have any experience with community gardens? What do you think about community gardens? Are you interested in community gardens? Are you in the Wake Forest, NC area?


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  1. 4-24-2009


    That sounds like an excellent idea! I grew up eating fresh vegetables right from the garden. My mom and grandmother would can most of the vegetables so we could eat them all year.(very short growing season in Montana) I’ve never experienced a “community garden”, but I’m sure it would be fun. Our biggest obstacles were weeds, bugs, and critters (raccoons love corn on the cob).

    Good luck!


  2. 4-24-2009

    I’ve read a few articles about this lately and have been mulling over blogging about it. The congregation I’m a member of has a small patch of open space behind the building where we meet. There’s been talk of cementing over it (!), but I’d like to see it put to good use. I’ve gardened since childhood, but am not especially efficient or effective at it. I’m too experimental. I’ve decided to try to grow a really productive garden behind my house this year. If I manage to do it, I’ll give produce to members and try to sell them on the idea of doing it as a congregation. We shall see.

    I really do plan to write that blog post sometime. Maybe this coming week? Dunno.

  3. 4-24-2009


    Great idea, especially in these tough economic times.

    My wife and I have always endeavored to have a vegetable garden where ever we’ve been, partly to provide food for the table, but essentially as a means entering into the lives of neighbors. To knock at a neighbors door with an armful of fresh produce always elicits a positive response.

  4. 4-24-2009

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone.


    I’m looking forward to reading your new article.


  5. 4-24-2009

    Look into this resource:

    I’d also check with the residents in the neighborhood if they have any experience with gardening. You may find someone right there.

  6. 4-24-2009


    Thank you for the resource! I will start asking around the neighborhood to see if anyone knows about gardening and if they are interested and able to do it. We’ll start planning for next year.


  7. 4-25-2009

    wow that is awesome! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    I am truly getting this vibe from so many of our peers that my generation – all of us young couples starting our families –

    truly are wanting to get back to the way our grandparents/great grandparents lived their life in many ways (not all ways!!) — simple, organic, ecological (is that the right word?)

    for so many reasons.. the concern of what is truly going into our foods… $…. being ‘green’ / earth friendly

    I’m sorry if I’m not making any sense – I’m a bit foggie tonight with the allergies.

    point is – YES I see this as a real possibility! so many are starting to do it in their homes – why not all combine and do a community one through the chruch family!?

  8. 4-26-2009

    Katie and I like to think that we have a bit of green in our thumbs…where do you think a good spot would be to have a garden? We would be happy to help out!!

  9. 4-27-2009

    Randi Jo,

    Thanks for the encouragement.


    If things work out, we can definitely use your help!