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Asking questions

Posted by on Apr 20, 2009 in blog links, edification, gathering, worship | 1 comment

I met Jack (“Flight Level Musings“) at the “Developing a Biblical Ecclesiology” seminar last March. In his latest post, “??????Questions??????“, Jack gives us a list of questions that he intends to ask people. I think these are good questions for all of us to consider:

  1. What does the bible say about the gathering of the saints?
  2. What is the purpose of the gathering of the saints?
  3. What is a church service?
  4. Is the gathering of the saints or worship service the place for believers to participate or spectate?
  5. What is a worship service?
  6. When does the worship service start?
  7. What does the bible say about the worship service?

I’ve been asking some of these same questions, and turning to Scripture for answers. The answers that I find there are not always what I thought I would find.

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  1. 4-20-2009

    1. don’t forsake it.
    2. exhorting, teaching, admonishing, equipping.
    3. depends. are you talking about a service based on temple worship, or a gathering of believers based on the NT model?
    4. see answer to number 3.
    5. see answer to number 4.
    6. better question: when does it end?7. the modern church service emerged out of synagogue gathering, with a mixture of Greek thought, pagan Roman practices thrown in for good measure (St Augustine/Boethius) yet we often seek justification for present day worship practices in OT temple worship-a practice which ceased in AD 70.