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No heterodoxy worse than such orthodoxy

Posted by on Mar 20, 2009 in blog links | Comments Off on No heterodoxy worse than such orthodoxy

While getting ready for the “Developing a Biblical Ecclesiology” seminar (which begins in only a few hours for some of us, while the planned sessions begin tomorrow morning), I was excited to run across this Barth quote on Art’s blog “finitum non capax infiniti“:

[T]he significance of tradition may not be simply taken for granted. Credo, indeed! But credo, ut intelligam. No dogma or article of the creed can be simply taken over untested by theology from ecclesiastical antiquity; each must be measured, from the very beginning, by the Holy Scripture and the Word of God. And under no circumstances may theology set out to appropriate creedal presuppositions merely because they are old and widespread and famous. If it is seriously committed to the quest for truth, it will forgo seeking the name and fame of “orthodoxy” faithful to tradition. There is no heterodoxy worse than such orthodoxy! (Evangelical Theology, 46).