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Introduce Yourself

Posted by on Mar 17, 2009 in personal | 37 comments

Occasionally, I like to give my readers a chance to introduce themselves. I believe that the interaction that we have with one another on this blog – and other blogs – is very important. The more we know about one another, the more we are able to interact with one another intelligently and intelligibly.

I’ll start. My name is Alan Knox. I’m 41 (soon to be 42) years old. I’m originally from Alabama. I currently live in Youngsville (just north of Raleigh), NC. I work as a web developer and part-time professor. I’m hoping to find a job as a full-time professor soon. I’ve been married to Margaret for 20 years. We have two children and two dogs. I grew up in Southern Baptist churches, and I’m attending a Southern Baptist seminary. I’m currently in the PhD program at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. I have been interested in ecclesiology (the study of the church) for a long time. My interest was piqued a few years ago when I realized that many of the things we believe about the church and do as the church are not found in Scripture, and are, in fact, contrary to Scripture.

So, now it is your turn. Would you be willing to tell us about yourself? (Only as much as you feel comfortable sharing, of course.)


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  1. 3-17-2009


    My name is Lionel Woods. I am 31, 5’11 and very, very handsome! I have dark skin and am a Scorpio. I like long walks on the beach in my Michael Phelps Speed-o. The water and the sand between my toes makes me warm and fuzzy! I have been married for about 11 years, have 3 sons, 14,3, .25 years old. Most people call me Hot Chocolate. I can’t tell you how long I have been a Christian because I really don’t know. I live in the DFW Metroplex but am originally from Michigan (go Wolverines).

    Is this good Alan?

  2. 3-17-2009


    My name is Arthur Sido. I am a youthful 37, been married for 17 productive years, a marriage abundantly blessed by God with eight children ages 1 to 15. I work in the financial services/securities business (but not for a company that has gotten a bailout!). I have been a Christain for about seven years, having been saved by God’s sovereign grace from mormonism. Originally from northwest Ohio, I live in the Lansing, Michigan area (but am still a Wolverine like Lionel). Nobody calls me Hot Chocolate, I am more like room temperature vanilla.

  3. 3-17-2009

    Hi, my name is Jeff. I am 41 (soon to be 42), and am originally from San Jose, CA. Currently living in Tulsa, OK. I like short walks on the beach in bermuda shorts, or at least anything besides a speedo. Short walks because I get bored easily and am easily…
    I’ve been married to a great woman for 20 years (the same one for all 20), and have an 18-year-old son. I pastor a house church and moonlight delivering flowers.

    I, too, have roots in Michigan (what is it with Michigan?), having lived there for several years as a child. My family hails from that area.

  4. 3-17-2009

    Hi there
    My name is Jonas Lundstroem, I live in Orebro, Sweden together with my wife Sara and my children Alma (8) and Hannes (5). I´m 35 or something like that. I´ve studied theology for four years, but no drive state-financed transports for disabled people.

    I grew up in an active conservative swedish pentecostal home, and was “saved”, “baptized” and “baptized in the Spirit” before turning 9. In my midteens, though, I had a (real?) conversion experience and felt strongly the need to receive Jesus as the true center of my life. In the years following this experience I became increasingly dissatisfied with the christian life and the way of being church I saw around (and inside of) me, and I began searching for something more in line with the vision of Jesus and the apostles. After some 15 years within different kinds of church ministries and bible schools, I left the institutional church (as Frank Viola would put it) a couple of years ago together with a small group of people who now make up a small independent house church. Together, we are trying to move away from the world´s ways of violence, mammonism and individualism and discovered what it means to follow Jesus together and to be taught to obey all that he has commanded.

    If I would put myself on a theological map, I guess I like the ecclesiology of organic church/house church/simple church, the ethics/way of life of anabaptism/new monasticism and the theology of emergent/emerging/missional.

    (Too long, maybe… Sorry.)
    /Jonas Lundström
    I have a good blog, unfortunately in swedish :(, accept a “Manifesto”

  5. 3-17-2009

    Jonas, I loved reading your story.

    I am new here, thanks to twitter.

    Brian Megilligan, 37. I work on the Music Staff at providence Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC. I do arranging, orchestrations, and prep the contemporary groups, though I love the traditional groups as well. I also love to (try to) play jazz piano as well. You can find more about me here

  6. 3-17-2009


    I am an Australian disciple of Jesus Christ by the name of John (not THAT John), living near the sea in southern Queensland. I am 70 years young, and retired through ill health, which isn’t improving. I am married, celebrating recently, with my very special wife, our 48th wedding anniversary. Five children living along the length of our Eastern Coast, seven granchildren, two great-grand children.

    Early teens conversion; sensed a call to preach and teach and have done so since 17 years old. Saw amazing blessing during ministry as pastor of two churches, tasted the wrath of people who disagree. and see the church as their own possession.

    Left the I.C. and spent ten years as “pastor” of an independent, baptistic,Bible Church where my studies caused me to see clearly that my suspicions were correct regarding the traditional scene.

    I am thrilled to see young men such as Alan using the brains that God gave them to seek out an ecclesiology which accords with Scripture rather than tradition.

  7. 3-17-2009

    My name is Steve Scott. I am 45, married for almost 9 years, have 3 boys, 7, 4, 20 mos. Converted 15 years ago, been at my current church 13, where I served as a deacon four years (’00-’04).

    I was born in and live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and was recently laid off from 14 yrs at an architectural firm, and am looking for work. I have 20 years experience in architecture. I attended Univ. of Calif., Berkeley (yes, that one). I’m a lifelong baseball fan (SF Giants) and also have strong interest in theology.

    I was converted through the ministry of Harold Camping (yes, that one) and left his church a year later. I spend much time in thought re-thinking the theology I’ve been taught for so long. My wife likes chocolate on the beach.

  8. 3-17-2009

    Hi, my name is Gary Delaney. I am 46 years old and live in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m married to a wonderful woman for nearly 13 years, we have a son who is 11.

    I currently work in the field of records management, digitizing old records with historic value.

    I became a Christian at the age of 30. And for many years ministered in suburban and inner-city churches around greater Cincinnati.

    These days, I mostly enjoy serving and spending time with my family and encouraging people I come across in my daily life, such as at work and those the Lord brings across my path.

  9. 3-17-2009

    I’m Rachel Sturtridge. I’m from a little town smack bang in the middle of England, UK, but I now live in Cornwall, almost as far south and west (in the UK) as you could care to go.

    I’m 31, married to Karl for seven and a half years, and I have two boys age 5 and 2. I grew up in a baptist church, through my teenage years drifted from evangelical free churches out into the unchurched wilderness and back again, and now we hang out with some like-minded brothers and sisters as a kinda organic house-churchy thing – just coming up to our one-year anniversary! Keen to absorb and put to good use any wisdom I can get my hands on about how to do ‘gathering’ and how to love people like God does…. : )
    (May I just add that I have no roots in Michigan that I know of and I like walking on the beach but definitely not in anything like shorts or speedos as it’s always far too COLD!)

  10. 3-17-2009

    My name is Joe. I am an auditor. Before you break out your wooden stakes and garlic you should know (a) they don’t work and (b) I’m not THAT kind of auditor. I audit governmental agencies. I’m 37 and live in Tennessee which is enemy territory since I’m a Crimson Tide fan. I pastored a church in Alabama before we moved here.

  11. 3-17-2009

    Im Brother Frankie. Ocoee florida for past ten years. Originally from NYC. My passion is to demonstrate the powerful yet loving Arms of God through love, service, grace, sympathy, and compassion. I am a minister with Bikers for Christ as well as being available to men in the community……….. I teach, preach, and just love in the bars, drug areas, coffee shops, and the basements of churches that will let me. I am married to a wonderful woman who is an ER nurse and is committed to serving others in the name of Jesus. I love her deeply, magnificently, and unconditionally. She is a Swedish Hottie who gets prettier every day. I am truly blessed. I have bunches of kids (teens) some are biologically mine, some are not. All of them are gifts from God. Some just show up here and we take them in. I love all of them unconditionally and try to be a real Dad to each one. I fall short sometimes. I am an addict in recovery. Cocaine was my drug of choice. Addiction Recovery is a lifestyle that is made easier through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. If you need to talk, you are safe with me. Really. I care. (without Jesus, I would suck!)

  12. 3-17-2009

    My name is Christopher Dryden, but am frequently referred to as Chris. I’m 31 years old and currently live in the city of Stoke-on-Trent in England, UK. I am married and we have three children – two girls, one boy. I’ve been in the married way for over 5 and a half years. I’m a part of Stoke-on-Trent Church of God (Seventh Day) and have been a part of it since its inception almost ten years ago. I’m fascinated by discipleship and since moving to Stoke-on-Trent I’ve been put in the position of seeing how that works personally and corporately. My journey of faith to this point has been one of having a lot of the things that I held dear challenged and either seriously shifted or seriously reinforced. Like many on this road of following Jesus, the more I know him, the more I realise that I need to know Him more. I love reading and writing and blogs like those of Alan Knox set the level I aspire to in consistency and quality. I love ecclesiology so it has been brilliant reading the stuff Alan’s put up – it’s not about agreeing with it all, it is about looking at what’s been considerately shared and actively engaging with the grace of the thing. Also grateful for the opportunities it has led to come across other similar blogs. I enjoy the thoughts and actions that these writing lead to and look forward to greater awareness of Bible faith in action.


  13. 3-17-2009

    It’s great to learn more about all of you (too much about some of you, Lionel).

    Thanks for commenting, and if you haven’t introduced yourself it, please do.


  14. 3-17-2009

    Hey!! I didn't realize you were from N.C.! We live in Leland, a little suburb of Wilmington :)…

    I am originally from New Jersey. Have the most wonderful hubby & 2.5 year old fireball son! 🙂

    I am totally in love with God and am so in awe of the freedom, love and joy He has given me. He has truly saved me from so many wrong assumptions & teaching I had and He is totally just free-ing. Right now, I just feel like an uncaged bird at sunrise… singing beautiful praises to Him, thankful to be out of the dark!!

    In the past year He has created this burning passion in me for the Body of Christ. To see the Body more pure, more unified, more loving, stronger, healthier. I believe that He has blessed me with an incredible hope & belief in His power to unify, to save, to redeem, to transform… to the point of naivety — which many accuse me of and I accept.

    I don't get any of the big words that you all talk about. I barely understand any theological debates… BUT I love God so much and I know He is pleased with my devoted heart… and I pray He helps me with the brain/knowledge part.

    I am so so so so so so thankful for all the blog influences I've met on this journey and look forward to learning more from you all! 🙂

  15. 3-17-2009

    My name is Kirt Lindstrom, I’m 33 years old. I’m originally from Missouri. I currently live in Wake Forest, NC. I work at my own business doing Digital Signage and Information Technology work. I’ve been married to Cindy for 10 years. We have two girls, Nora and Brea. I grew up unchurched and have been a follower of Christ for 11 years. I am a part-time seminary student. I don’t spend much time reading blogs but in the past several months I have been blessed to read this one. Thank you Alan for putting into print what I have to believe so many think about the local church.

  16. 3-17-2009


    My name is Joe.

    I am a Husband for about 13 years.

    Father of 3 sons.

    Church Planter near Seattle WA.

    DMin Student at Talbot School of Theology.

    I have written 4 books and blog over at More Than Cake.

  17. 3-17-2009

    My name is Jeff Nelson, age 49 (soon to be 50). I am a Miami, Florida native. I am divorced and/or widowed depending on your point of view. I have one daughter and one grandchild. I have worked in the school food service industry for the past 17 years. I grew up in the Methodist and later Southern Baptist traditions. I am currently non-denominational.

    I became interested in ecclesiology after reading the New Testament and finding a church that bears little resemblance to the church of today.

  18. 3-18-2009

    Wow, this has been interesting to read about everyone here. Such a big fascinating world God has given us eh?

  19. 3-18-2009

    I am Jamey, I am 41, married and a mom to 7 kids. I have lived in southwest Michigan for about 5 years now. I am originally from the Lansing, Michigan area. I do enjoy reading Alan’s blog although I do not comment much here…I am naturally a quiet person.

  20. 3-18-2009

    Although I use my longstanding nickname of ‘Goblin’ on the internet, my real name is Paul Goodwin. I am 47 years old and have been happily married to Sharon for almost twenty years. No kids as yet, but we’re still trying! We live in Sheffield, England and are part of a housechurch which is part of ‘The Crowded House’ network in the UK, led by Steve Timmis and Tim Chester. I work full time as a research metallurgist in a small engineering company. After having been very anti-Christian in my early teens I was converted at the age of 17, so am about to celebrate 30 years as a disciple of Christ this Summer!
    I quickly took on board a Calvinistic Baptist theological position, but as I read the Bible I became less and less convinced by some of the explanations I was hearing about various issues, especially relating to how we do church. I was thrilled to discover the writings of Jon Zens in the 80s which helped to open my eyes to what the Bible REALLY says about church, professional ministers, missionaries, community life, etc. I still find myself getting very frustrated with the ‘status quo’ in most churches and rejoice when I find blogs like Alan’s where what scripture really says is what is treasured uppermost.

  21. 3-18-2009


    My name is Chris Freet (pronounced fr-eat). I have been called everything from Chris Feet to Fleet and everything in between. I am 33 years old and I have been married to my wonderful wife Stacey for nearly eight years. Together we have two daughters, Emma Grace (5yrs) and Ana Elizabeth (1yr.). We live in the far northeast corner of Pennsylvania. The deer outnumber the people here but we love it! It is an outdoors-persons paradise. The Delaware River is here, the Pocono Mts, the Catskill Mys (in NY state) are here. It is a beuatiful area to live. I pastor a church in this area andn the people are awesome! My wife works as a therapist with young children and their parents. I enjoy whitewater kayaking and running to stay fit. I have not been to Michigan and I don’t own a speedo (sorry Lionel).

  22. 3-18-2009

    Hi, My name is Jack Watkins. I am a month away from being 53. Been married for almost 22 years to a wonderful woman. We have 7 children ages 4-21. Four girls, 3 boys.

    I am a corporate pilot in the Houston area. We live on 10 acres next door to my parents. We raise our own beef, raise chickens, have honey bees, and other assorted creatures.

    Was raised a Methodist, got saved in a Baptist church in high school, took about a five year break from church after college. Went thru a personal crisis then really found the Lord. Hung out in charismatic churches for about 15 years, and then got fed up with the charismaniacs and church, and began a search like many on this blog.

    Have been studying ecclesiology and church leadership for the past seven years. Many think I am crazy because of my obsession with church life, but……

    Finally got a small group started in our home in addition to our normal sunday routine. Looking forward to the seminar this weekend that Alan is hosting.

  23. 3-18-2009

    Hey Alan I just noticed this blog post.
    My name is Steven Owen (one of many with that name.)
    I am 41 about to be 42
    I’m in my 19th year of marriage.
    We have 4 kids. girl(10), boy(9), and identical twin girls(7).
    I am a stay at home dad.
    I have lived here in Arkansas for 6 years. Originally from TEXAS go LONGHORNS!
    I used to work for a company that was based in Michigan…Lionel and others.
    I am not called Hot Chocolate…and I don’t wear a speedo. See comment #1 on this post.
    As some I can’t say how long I have been a believer. I just know.

    Thanks Alan for this!!!!

  24. 3-18-2009


    I promise I look really good in a Speed-O it is the full suit the kind that Phelps wears in the Olympics though I don’t smoke weed :o) Hey I am from Benton Harbor any of you Michingan folks been there? I saw Jamey was in the Southwest area and that is where I am from.

    It has also been interesting to hear everyone’s story Alan. Thanks for the opportunity. And thanks for helping me laugh everyone!

  25. 3-18-2009

    I’m Jonathan Brink.

    Son, Husband, Father

    I’m managing director of Thrive Ministries. I have the best calling in the world. ;-P

    I love to see people restored, writing, Sharks hockey, sushi, Peets coffee and a really cold beer with a nice steak (although a great cab is good too).

  26. 3-18-2009

    I am Brian Britton. I am a pediatrician in suburban New Orleans. I have been married for 20 years and have three children ages 19, 10, and 4. I was raised a United Methodist, but entered the Roman Catholic Church in 1988 after much prayer and study. Alan and I were in elementary school prior to my moving to Louisiana in 1977. I haven’t had any contact with him since then, and I was surprised that he remembered me.

  27. 3-18-2009

    I live in the Holland area but I have passed through Benton Harbor before.
    We are enjoying this nice warm 50 degree weather that has finally arrived. 🙂

  28. 3-18-2009

    My name is Mich Barry. I’m 51 and recently married to the beautiful and wonderful Sonia. I reside in NorCal in SSF.

    I moved out here from NYC 6 years ago and love CA.

    I used to attend Baptist Church in San Francisco before I met Sonia and moved farther south. Now I attend a non-denomination evangelical Church which is filled with wonderful people and a Godly Sr Pastor. I was Baptized in this Church last Easter.

    I am increasingly finding online communities such as yours a necessary component of my Faith.

    God bless.

  29. 3-18-2009

    Very diverse group of readers… I love it! Thanks everyone!

    If you haven’t introduced yourself yet… why not?


  30. 3-18-2009

    My name is dan. i am 25 and have a beautiful wife (stephanie) and two beautiful daughters (gracie – 16 months) and lily – almost 1 month).

    we live in central maine: brunswick to be exact which happened to be the home of joshua chamberlain, an important leader in the north’s defeat of the south during the civil war.

    while a strong believer in the scriptures i am not at all what you would call a traditional christian (along with many of the other readers on this blog). i find the traditional church experience and christian life to be discouraging, insincere and tiresome. my wife and i are struggling to find real believers who we can fellowship and grow with.

    i owe much of my theological thought to alan, which i appreciate yet sometimes find frustrating because there was a time when i found all the junk to be perfectly satisfying, but thanks to alan i can no longer settle for mediocre fraudulent christianity.

  31. 3-18-2009

    I guess I’m kind of late, but I’m usually kind of busy. Im a 29 y/o Single male from Metro-Detroit. I was saved from homelessness and heroin addiction in jail, in Detroit. That is (shameless plug) why my blog is called DeliverDetroit. I work in the mortgage default industry (preserving and cleaning up foreclosures) for banks and agents to get homes off the market and off the books. My religious background is simply labeled “heathen”.

    I am now a BSW student finishing up an internship with two non-profits in the area and eager to work in my chosen career field, ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ as I go!

    I like to talk, and you are more than welcome to come by the blog HERE and jump in on a comment or start a new one, I’d love to hear from you.

  32. 3-18-2009

    Hi, I’m Hal. I live in Memphis TN, home of the soon to be national champion Tigers. I am a follower of Him too. I am learning Jesus goodness all over again. I was a father at 15, grandfather at 36. My incredible, beautiful wife, who is cooking pancakes right now, brought three boys 13,12,7, and our daughter 1, into the world. I am an almost out of work landscaper, and just finished building one of the largest play systems in the world for my pediatrician brother from church, and only cussed 5-6 times. I came to the Lord thru the ministry of Adrian Rogers. I grew out of the mega church scene when I realized the love Paul expressed for the church is the same love we should all express for it. Just impossible in that structure. Our fellowship here consists of about 150 folks, had it’s beginnings in California in the Jesus movement, influenced heavily by Gene Edwards and Watchman Nee. Have to go change my screaming daughter now before my beautiful wife rips my head off. Love to you all.

  33. 3-18-2009

    Correction, I repent, not impossible to love the church in that structure……..

  34. 3-18-2009

    Hello everyone:

    I’m Heather, a 34yo in Ohio (GO BUCKS), and have come to appreciate Alan’s blog through Dave Black. My husband wrote up a little “home”work assignment about 5 years ago for he and I — we looked up everything in the new testament involving the Church. Quite enlightening. : ) I relate so much to your “stories” feature, Alan, as we have found that is the best way to answer the question “where do you go to church” without descending into a babbling-house-church-ese-20-minute-speech.

    I am so thankful for my thoughtful husband of 12 years and our 5 children, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to be at home with them.

  35. 3-19-2009

    Hi Alan!
    I’ve been sick for nearly a week and am just now catching up on your blogs. Although I’ve commented pretty often, I will re-introduce my self…as I’d like to be.
    I am a stunning 62-year-old granny with a beautiful husband of 42 years (bald is beautiful, right?) and three awesomely gorgeous and talented children, aged 41, 38 and 27 (yes, you read that correctly). These extraordinary people have brought 3 lovely spouses and 12 extremely intelligent and talented grandchildren into our lives. All of us smile (ala Osteen), and many have supported the local orthodontists. 🙂
    In truth, however, none of us are model or celebrity material. And, we don’t know yet about genius. But Jesus loves us, anyway, and we are learning to love each other. God is so good.
    Thank you, Alan, for your wonderful blog. God has used you to challenge and encourage us.

  36. 3-20-2009

    We’re Tommy and Jennifer; 42 and 40 respectively!

    When we’re in the States, we live in Alabama; LA to be exact.

    We have three children; girl 11 and 9 and a boy who is 5 years old.

    We’ve lived and worked in Asia for the last 11 years with the IMB.

    Over the last three or four years, we’ve really questioned our church “traditions”. I’m sure this comes from living outside our culture with all it’s church traditions and trappings. Most especially because we’re living where we want to see house groups started…not “traditional” at all!

    Most recently we’ve read the book “Pagan Christianity” by Viola and Barna.

    We’ve really been reading our Bibles critically in seeking to better understand what church is all about from the Scripture alone.

  37. 3-30-2009


    My name is Andrew Noble. I'm 26 years old. I was born in and still live in Adelaide, South Australia. I grew up in a Christian family and went to a conservative Baptist church (the 'Australian' type), all the way to a charismatic/pentecostal church when I was growing up. Now I am part of a house church, which I have found incredibly fulfilling (Serpents & Doves

    I have been identified has having a prophetic gifting, which I am keen to use more in my community. Part of this is through my blog which I don't update as frequently as I would like.

    I am passionate about real community, as I am about motor sport.



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