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Efficient Production of Worship Units

Posted by on Mar 19, 2009 in blog links, gathering, worship | 3 comments

Arthur’s post (at “the voice of one crying out in suburbia“) called “Assembly Line Worship” parallels and complements my previous post “How much organization is necessary?

Arthur says:

We have compartmentalized, segregated, divided, specialized worship. In fine American tradition, we have taken the assembly line idea and put it in place in the church. One person leading prayer, one person teaching, one person praying is efficient. Having lots of people teach doesn’t work, some people aren’t great at it, so we will hire someone professionally, with the right credentials, to teach and preach for us. It is his specialization, like a worker in an assembly line who attaches widget A to part B. That guy over there is a good singer, so we will hire him to lead the singing for us. That woman is good with kids, so she is in charge of nursery. That guy is young, has cool hair with lots of product and gets along with kids. He is our “youth minister”. We pick the very best person, based on some dubious qualifications at times, and put them in charge of aspects of our “worship”. Meanwhile the bulk of us will sit back in our pews and drop money in the plate to express our approval, like buying tickets to a theatrical performance.

Read the entire post. He raises some very good points.


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    Yes and amen!

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    Thanks for the link Alan – more food for thought which should lead to action!