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Church Service

Posted by on Mar 30, 2009 in discipleship, gathering, love, service | 6 comments

Our weekend was filled with church service. No, not that kind of church service. In fact, we did not attend our church’s weekly meeting yesterday. And, while we missed seeing and spending time with everyone, there are some things that are more important than meeting.

Saturday morning we helped a family move (actually, other friends finished packing the truck before we got there, so we just spent some time with everyone before they had to leave). After that, we spend some time in the neighborhood and in the nursing home. After that, we helped some other friends work on their house. (I have a great story about this. I hope to share it later this week.)

Sunday morning, as we were getting ready to meet with the church, Margaret got a phone call from one of our closest friends. Her father is dying of brain cancer, and she had had a rough night. We decided to drive down to South Carolina where he is in the hospital and spend some time with them.

So… alot of church service this weekend… and alot of meeting with the church at various homes and even in a hospital… but we didn’t attend the “church meeting”.

Oh… and today is my birthday.


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  1. 3-30-2009

    You didn’t go to church this Sunday? And you call yourself a “pastor”. No respectable pastor would do such a thing unless of course the church gave him a sabbatical :o)

    I am quite sorry to hear about your friends father. Cancer is so destructive and my grandmother has lost 8 sisters and brothers to the disease. 5 in the last 5 years! And of my grand aunts and uncles I have lost 3 cousins (their children) to it also. It is devestating to say the least.

    I also await to hear about your “worship” with those you helped move (not to mention the single mother you helped move a little while back) and the nursing home. Charity and I may start to visit the children’s medical center and nursing homes in the Dallas area. Not to mention serving on holidays.

    Thank you for the things you share it has began to really shape my view of what serivce really is and how love is to be put in action even at the cost of our own comfort. If you can do it as old as you are I know I can :o) (Happy B-day)

  2. 3-30-2009

    Happy Birthday!

  3. 3-30-2009

    Happy Birthday Allen! I am right on your tail brother.
    Keep up the great reports and subjects. I know as we age we get more wisdom! So I am looking forward to reading more of what the Lord gives you.

  4. 3-30-2009

    Happy Birthday to a fellow brother in the LORD who thankfully understands that the Church is a living, breathing entity that cannot be contained!


  5. 3-30-2009


    I’ve never claimed to be a “respectable pastor”. 🙂


    Thank you! It has been happy, though we are mourning with some friends.


    I’m glad to hear that my stories are beneficial.


    No, the church cannot be contained… even when I try to contain it. 🙂


  6. 4-4-2009

    Happy belated birthday!