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Chick-fil-A and fellowship

Posted by on Mar 28, 2009 in community, fellowship, gathering | 7 comments

We take every opportunity we get to fellowship with the church. Last Wednesday, Matthew, one of our friends, participated in a Guitar Hero tournament put on by the local Chick-fil-A. Unfortunately, Matthew lost in the first round. But, several people showed up to support him – in fact, about 14 people from the church were there.

After Matthew lost, we sat around the tables and talked about our week and ecclesiology, recent travels and worship, work situations and baptism and the Lord’s Supper… just another time to get together and talk about whatever is going on in our lives.

I’ve said before that we take every opportunity to fellowship. It’s true. We honestly love one another and enjoy being around one another. Sometimes we disagree, but we continue to love one another.

I think we’re beginning to understand what it means to be family. We talk to one another about our struggles and our successes. We ask for one another’s advice and listen to one another. We like to spend time together and to serve others together.

So, last week, we got together at Chick-fil-A. Today, we’re planning to get together at a friend’s house to help him do some work on the house. I wonder where we’ll get together next week.


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  1. 3-28-2009


    I am beginning to see that this type of “fellowship” allows others to shed the religious masks that are a hinderance to real intimacy and family love. Many times in church gatherings the infrastructure and liturgy inhibits such fellowship in name of being a “real” church. Isn’t that a bit backwards?

  2. 3-28-2009


    Religious masks are certainly a hindrance to real intimacy and relationship.


  3. 3-28-2009


    I knew our church needed some help in the fellowship department since our move from a house to a school building. Now I recognize we are in critical condition. I think we have failed to build relationships that really make a difference in our daily lives.

  4. 3-28-2009

    God seems to work through Chic-Fil-A visits. I’ve had a lot of great times there in the past with brothers and sisters doing the same. I’ve also been able to share the gospel with people a few times as a result of people listening in to our conversations and asking questions.


  5. 3-29-2009


    Awesome!! Spontaneous fellowship.

    Now that’s being the Church!!


  6. 3-29-2009

    Alan, It’s so refreshing to hear you and many others talking about finally finding real community. Within the modern structures of church many of us have found that difficult to discover. I have to admit, I’m jealous.

  7. 3-29-2009


    Relationships are extremely important. However, churches often replace relationship with attendance.


    There’s nothing special about Chick-fil-A for us. That night it was Chick-fil-A and a guitar hero tournament that was our “excuse” for getting together. We’ll jump at almost any excuse to fellowship.


    Yes, it was both spontaneous and intentional. 🙂


    Look around for those people that God has place in your life, and start cultivating those relationships.