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Interviewed again

Posted by on Feb 26, 2009 in blog links | 4 comments

Lionel at “The Gospel in 3-D” has interviewed me. The interview is in his post called “Interactive Interview with Alan Knox“. I enjoyed the interview process very much. I hope the result is as interesting and fun as the process.

For those who are interesting in learning even more about me and my journey so far, I’ve also been interviewed before by Michael in “A Conversation with Alan Knox: Interview Series Pt. 5“, by Glenn in “Featured Blogger: Alan Knox“, and by Dave Black in “Interview with Alan Knox“.


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  1. 2-26-2009

    I read all the interviews – Very interesting!

    Sorry I don’t disagree with you more (since you said you like that), but we just seem to agree most of the time.

    We’re believers, and had always been taught we should be part of the IC, but felt trapped there. A fellow I know was talking to me about his problem with alcohol, and asked for advice. He seemed irresistibly drawn to bars. I told him that for many of us there are places that are not good for us to go, so we should avoid them. For him, that was bars. He asked me if there were places I should avoid.

    I had to think about that one, and then realized later that it was the IC. That was not a healthy place for me.

    A typical Sunday in our IC: the leaders having “unofficial” meetings in the hallway planning to fire the pastor (they did), one of the elders telling someone that he doubted they were a Christian since the method by which they had been baptized was not correct, two other leaders grousing in the hallways about a woman who had the temerity to make an announcement about the kids and then say a prayer from the platform (only men were supposed to pray), and all the while new people were being ignored. Oh yes, the “in” group was making plans to go out to lunch with each other as others listened, but were intentionally excluded. (One Sunday we met with some friends who were not part of that “church” for lunch. The “in” group made it obvious that they were offended that we would intrude by showing up at the same restaurant they had chosen for their lunch – unintentionally, of course). Yes, indeed, that was a very typical Sunday at that IC.

    We took the advice that I had given my alcoholic friend, and got out of a very unhealthy situation. It is like recovering from a serious illness. We feel so much better, and continue to improve every day.

    Obviously, things also went bad at the IC church you were last part of. We really wonder if there is much hope for the IC as we have seen it. We know no one who is not part of it who wants to even venture near. They’d rather “stand and be flogged”. What are your thoughts on the future of the IC? Surely you know that so many of them are sick, sick, sick.

  2. 2-26-2009

    Cheers for the link, Alan. It is good to read some background about you and your family and how your community operates as the Church.

    Being in the early stages (2.5 years down the track) of a ‘church community’ myself, it is a real encouragement to hear about others’ community that is not institutional, more organic, eager to hear God’s will and is going ‘successfully’ (for lack of a better word!).

    Appreciate it – keep on encouraging!

  3. 2-26-2009

    Sam and Andrew,

    Thanks for the kind words and the encouragement. I’m glad that you enjoyed the interview.


  4. 2-27-2009

    Thanks for helping me get to know you better! I wished you would have shared the answer of to your first question here!