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I didn’t know that I needed that

Posted by on Feb 21, 2009 in blog links | 1 comment

Bill at “The Thin Edge” tagged me for a new meme in a post called “So what does William need?” This is a very interesting meme, proving that Google truly is taking over the world, since Google is now taking the place of the Magic 8-Ball.

Here are the rules:

Google your full first name (not your nickname) and the word “needs” like this: “Alan needs” and then post the first 10 things that Google finds. You may have to go to the website and do a little reading. Then tag 5 friends (not including the person who tagged you) and pass it on.

So, what do I need, according to Google?

  1. Alan needs a DLL guru.
    This is news to me. I need many gurus, but I didn’t realize that I needed a DLL guru.
  2. Alan needs Johnny.
    This one is puzzling. Apparently Johnny has a political blog in the UK.
  3. Alan needs parents for patty-cake.
    This seems obvious. Doesn’t everyone?
  4. Alan needs glasses.
    I got new glasses about 6 months ago, but apparently my vision is changing.
  5. Alan needs a lot more love.
  6. Alan needs to cut 7 players from his girls High School volleyball team by tonight.
    I didn’t even know that I had a girls High School volleyball team, but apparently some of you are no longer on the team. Sorry.
  7. Alan needs to get moving, but can’t make himself get off the couch.
    This is a lie. I usually sit in the recliner.
  8. Alan needs friends on Facebook.
    My wife says I have too many already, but I think I need more.
  9. Alan needs a jelly mould.
    I guess that’s better than jelly mold.
  10. Alan needs to put his head down and train hard for the rest of the season.
    Winter? Good. It’s almost over. But, what am I training for?

Well, that was fun and informative. I learned alot about myself. Now, while I go look for a DLL guru and a jelly mould, I tag Lionel, James, Andy, Steven, and Arthur to tell us what Google says they need. (I would have tagged others, but I don’t know if some of you do memes on your blog. If you want to do this, then consider yourself tagged.)

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  1. 2-22-2009

    Interesting. This was a pretty unique meme, so I decided to check it out…