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Content with being a servant?

Posted by on Feb 13, 2009 in blog links, service | 1 comment

Are you content with being a servant? That’s the question that I asked myself after reading Steven’s latest post at “Biblically Speaking” called “Be a Servant! Someone has to do it!” Steven concludes with this:

So how are you doing when it comes to serving the body of Christ? We are saved and washed by the blood of the ultimate servant Jesus Christ. So we should have a great hunger to serve others within the body.

I keep thinking about the story that Aussie John has told in the comments on this blog about a “deacon” who once proudly told him, “I am no man’s servant”. I have never said those words, but have I demonstrated it with my actions?

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  1. 2-15-2009

    We have served and do serve, and love to do so.

    The issue we wish to ask about is not currently a problem for us, so now is a good time to ask when it is not attached to any person. The issue is as follows: Every “church” we were part of always had certain people who wanted to be served. These were the people who were always first in line if they thought someone might be willing to serve them.

    I think of these people as those who “cut in line” ahead of those who most need served. I remember an incident – One couple proclaimed their “need” for help/services to another couple who were professionals in that field. The second couple donated at least $10,000 of services to the other couple, who used the money they had budgeted for this situation to help pay for their new RV.

    When we serve these people, it seems to me that we may be taking from those who really need served. We have seen this situation numerous times. Those most vocal about wanting to be served are frequently those who need it least, and in the process those who need it most may be overlooked.

    Because of my past history in the construction business, one fellow recently asked if I would do some significant work on his house, no charge. I told him I could not do it. He asked why. I told him I’m no longer in the business. He replied that he thought I would just want to do it for him. I told him he should do the same thing I do – Hire someone to do it (He can afford to do so.) He gave me the strangest look.

    What do you do in these situations? If we give our time and money to these folks, those who really need served are often missed. (One person actually told me that she thought churches are a place where you get free stuff, and a place where you can find people who will do work for you for free. She was totally serious.)