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A beautiful day in the neighborhood

Posted by on Feb 8, 2009 in community, discipleship, fellowship, gathering | Comments Off on A beautiful day in the neighborhood

What a great day we have with the church so far!

To begin our meeting this morning, I asked the question, “Who have you loved recently?” I may write a blog post about this. I think this is a very important question to ask ourselves and one another.

My friend Maël taught from Matthew 15 about the difference between the traditions of men and the commands of God. I think the dangerous traditions are not the ones that other people practice – the ones that are easy for us to spot. No, the dangerous traditions are the ones that we love; the traditions that have helped us in the past. These are the traditions that easily become “religion” without considering the gospel or the people involved.

After our meeting and after talking to some of our friends, we had lunch together. We made meatball subs, and invited many of our brothers and sisters to eat with us. Others brought their own food, and some ran to local restaurants to pick up lunch. We had a great time getting to know one another better. During lunch, Jeremy and the other young men returned from their camping trip. So, we were all able to listen to their stories and laugh along with them.

After lunch, we stopped by the nursing home. One of our friends at the nursing home told us yesterday that she was throwing a surprise birthday party for another resident. Our friend Paul decided to go to the party with us. We had fun spending more time with the residents, both meeting some of the residents for the first time and getting to know some of our friends who live there.

So, its been a good day – a beautiful day. I’m already excited about what God has in store for tomorrow.