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Theology Book Sale

Posted by on Jan 1, 2009 in blog links, books | 4 comments

Thanks to Lew and his new web site Phrugal for telling us about the big book sale at Here are a few books that look interesting to me and may be interesting to my readers:

Persons in Community: Theological Voices from the Pastorate ($0.99)

Biblical Theology: A Proposal by Brevard S. Childs ($1.49)

The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence ($1.87)

Lifestyle Discipleship in the Real World by Jim Petersen ($2.99)

In the Ruins of the Church: Sustaining Faith in an Age of Diminished Christianity by R.R. Reno ($3.99)


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  1. 1-1-2009

    Thanks for the heads up. I will have to head over there and check it out.

    Like I do not already have too much reading to catch up on.

  2. 1-1-2009

    I was just on yesterday and found this incredible deal on the complete set of Luther’s sermons, hardbound, for 39.00. Here is the link.

  3. 1-1-2009

    They have The Myth of a Christian Nation for 3.99!

  4. 1-1-2009


    Tell ’em Alan and Lew sent you. It won’t help, but tell ’em anyway.


    Yes, they have big sales on “academic sets” also.


    I didn’t say that one! Thank you!