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Hospitality as we are

Posted by on Jan 11, 2009 in blog links, hospitality | 7 comments

Jamey at “A Life Transformed” published this about a week ago in a post called “If you happen to drop in“. I really like it, but I haven’t had a chance to post it until now. Enjoy:

I hope you don’t mind the noise too much. You may wonder if we have a band playing downstairs in the basement. It is just a few of our musically inclined family members…I can have them turn the amp down. And don’t panic if you see my 18 month old writing on the wall…really it’s washable. Sometimes he finds a crayon I may have forgot to put away. And please excuse me if I have to take a minute to mediate a disagreement over who is going to use the phone next. Oh, I almost forgot to ask, would you like some coffee….And if you wonder what is burning in the kitchen, it’s probably just one of my teens cooking. Don’t worry, I have a fire extinguisher close by. You may be wondering if all these kids are mine and you may even be counting as they pass by. By the time you count to eight, you may be thinking that my life is a little crazy by now, but I am thinking how lucky I am. Our life is loud, fun and just awesome. You are more than welcome to stay a while and have dinner with us, there is plenty to go around. I made enough beef stew to feed the neighborhood. Would you like more coffee…

This is hospitality: inviting people into our lives just the way we are and just the way they are.

I’ve said before that I would like to get a sign to hang on our front door with the following message:

If you’ve come to see us, knock and come in. If you’ve come to see our house, please make an appointment.


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  1. 1-11-2009


    My sentiments exactly.

  2. 1-11-2009

    Great way to do it, being yourself. Too often we put on a mask and that does not let people see us for who we really are.

  3. 1-11-2009

    Thanks for posting that Alan. With seven kids, our household is always in a dynamic state. Five are homeschooled and two are in the local JC living at home.

    We have an interesting life.

  4. 1-11-2009

    Aussie John,

    You and your wife can drop in anytime.


    Yes. And they can always see through our masks eventually.


    I’d love to hang out at your place in the middle of your “interesting life”. With seven children, I bet I could learn alot from you.


  5. 1-12-2009

    Thanks for posting this Alan and I just noticed today that you had posted this. I have removed my blog for personal reasons. I am still going to be around and may eventually restart that blog and if I do I will let you know.

  6. 1-12-2009

    Don’t usually comment on blogs of people I don’t know, but this is exceptional! Great point. This is my house with a few adjustments, and God has worked wonders in me allowing me to learn to be hospitable anyway! The results have been amazing.

  7. 1-12-2009


    I’m going to miss your posts.


    Thanks for commenting!