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Helping out searchers

Posted by on Jan 1, 2009 in blog links | 5 comments

Every day, many people reach my blog through search engines. Occasionally, I don’t think these “searchers” find what they’re looking for when they reach my blog. I thought I would help them out:

“What does a bishop do?”
Believe it or not, more than 50 people reached my blog last year by searching for “What does a bishop do?” More than likely, they ended up on my blog post called “What does a bishop oversee?“. Unfortunately, if they read that post, they did not find the job description for a bishop of any denomination. Instead, they discovered that I believe that a bishop (elder/pastor) has the responsibility of “overseeing” (watching for/caring for) people, not organizations. Maybe they found what they were looking for at the next site in the search results.

“Church building programs”
Again, more than 30 people reached my blog last year by searching for “church building programs”. Unfortunately, instead of finding information about fund raising and architecture and financing, they probably reached my blog post called “Guaranteed church building program“. Instead of finding information about buildings, they discovered that Ephesians 4 tells us how God expects all believers to work together to build the church.

“Church covenants”
More than 20 people reached my blog last year by searching for “church covenants”. They probably reached my blog post called “The Church Covenant“. However, instead of finding an example of a “church covenant”, they discovered that I think that all believers are in covenant with God and are therefore responsible to all other brothers and sisters that God brings into their lives – not just those with whom they may decided to be in “covenant” with.

“Distractions in worship”
Several people reached my blog in 2008 by searching for “distractions in worship”. They probably reached my post called “Distractions to worship“. In that post, I say that since church meetings are not actually “worship”, then so-called “distractions” (such as crying babies) are not really distractions, but they may be opportunities to serve others and thus worship God.

“Scariest mask in the world”
A few people came to my blog last year by searching for “scariest mask in the world”. They were probably pointed to my post called “Fall Festivals and Scary Masks“. In that post I conclude that the scariest masks are not the ones that people wear on the outside, but the faces behind the “nice” masks that people hide behind when they won’t be themselves – especially among the church.

So, hopefully this post is helpful for some of those who reach my blog this year. You may not find what you expect. But, I hope you’ll take the time to read. You may find something interesting that will make you think about God, yourself, and the church a little differently.


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  1. 1-1-2009

    Perhaps some of these people found what they were really looking for instead of what they thought they were looking for. (Yes, I do remember that my English teacher said to NEVER end a sentence with a preposition. But she has passed on.)

  2. 1-1-2009

    If those who come by stay and read a bit, they will find your blog worth the journey.

    Have a blessed and happy 2009!

  3. 1-1-2009

    It is weird how people sometimes end of on my blog, searching for a random combintation of words. When I get people from overseas especially it is almost the results of a google search for something.

    I haven’t had much problem finding stuff I am looking for on your blog, I think you do a pretty good job of organizing your post topics.

  4. 1-1-2009


    I hope so!


    I find the comments worth the journey. 🙂


    I’m glad you’re able to find your way around here.


  5. 1-2-2009

    I found this enjoyable reading…Keep up the good work you do in the King’s service