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Posted by on Jan 5, 2009 in blog links | 4 comments

Today, I’m officially introducing a new reference site/blog: This site is dedicated to helping people learn Koine Greek – the language of the New Testament.

This site will include reference material and tutorials about Greek, links to other blogs posts about the Greek language, and occasionally tips to help people with grammar and vocabulary. I will answer questions sent via email or left in comments. So, the site will not be static, but very interactive.

So, instead of reading my post today, please head over to and look around.


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  1. 1-5-2009

    Thanks for the link. I have added it to my bookmarks. It is a great site.

  2. 1-5-2009

    great looking ste and wonderful idea!

  3. 1-5-2009

    Great stuff, quick question, where should one start on that page coming to it with no background in Greek?

  4. 1-5-2009

    Les and Joe (JR),

    Thank you!


    I would start with the tutorials and the featured articles. I’ll add more tutorials soon.