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Favorites of 2008

Posted by on Jan 3, 2009 in blog links | 4 comments

Here are my favorite blogs posts of last year by month:

January 2008: “Won’t Get Fooled Again
February 2008: “How do you find the time?” (see also “How do you find the time to pastor?“)
March 2008: “Are pastors good for nothing?
April 2008: “A Completely Biblical Church
May 2008: “A Cup o’ Joe or a Cup with Joe
June 2008: “Community is unnatural today
July 2008: “When God Communicates: Subjective or Objective?
August 2008: “And he gave… (Ephesians 4:11)” (see also “Special Equippers?“)
September 2008: “Paul’s Vision for the Church
October 2008: “The poor do not need your money
November 2008: “Gathering and Going Out Together
December 2008: “What Church Structures Hide

Here are some of my favorite posts (in no particular order) written by some of my favorite bloggers:

I’m looking forward to blogging and reading blogs in 2009!


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  1. 1-3-2009

    I’m honored that I’m on your list, thanks 🙂 On a serious note, your father-in-law and family are in my prayers.

  2. 1-3-2009

    Wow, looks like I have a lot of great reading and learning ahead of me! Thanks for the list.

  3. 1-5-2009

    great list brother… lots of time putting that one together. I am humbled that I made the cut brother.

  4. 1-16-2009

    Thanks for the plug!