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Self-Serving or Other-Serving

Posted by on Dec 3, 2008 in blog links, discipleship, service | 4 comments

I love it when my friends – that is, people that I know “in real life” – write blog posts that express something that I’ve heard them talk about personally. Matthew at “The Journey” recently did this in a post called “The Art of Seeking One’s Self“.

Matthew begins by sharing a story that happened at his work. He shared this story with the church, and how God used this circumstance to convict him of his own self-centeredness. In his blog post, Matthew writes:

Of course, this is no isolated incident. I usually hide it a little better though. That’s why I titled this the art of self-seeking. Because that’s what I’ve honed it to, an art form. I can be selfish while making it seem like I’m not. I can serve my own needs while seeming to serve others. Now this isn’t always the case, many times I have genuinely served others with no gain to myself. But have I gone out of my way to do this? Have I searched for opportunities? Have I genuinely loved my neighbor more than myself?

What great questions to ask of ourselves! Are we actually serving others, or are we simply serving ourselves? Are we seeking the best for others, or are we seeking the best for ourselves?

I’m so excited that God has placed me among people like Matthew – people who are willing to share their lives with their friends and with the world.


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  1. 12-3-2008

    Matthew has some great questions for all of us. Me especially.

  2. 12-3-2008


    Strange how Matthew sounds just like me, and most others I know, and have known.

  3. 12-3-2008

    Jerald and Aussie John,

    Thanks for your comments. Matthew’s post has given me alot to think about too.


  4. 12-4-2008

    I’ve been feeling pretty convicted already just by my own thoughts. This post adds more to the pile. But somehow it feels like a very good thing.