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A Contest: Examples of Serving

Posted by on Dec 22, 2008 in books, discipleship, edification, service | Comments Off on A Contest: Examples of Serving

Last week, as I was cleaning up my stacks of books from the last semester, I found a copy of John Perkins’ Beyond Charity: The Call to Christian Community Development that I thought I had lost. I read this book again this year, and wrote about it several times. (I discuss different aspects of this book in my posts “The Gospel in message and mission“, “Beyond Charity – Introduction“, “Beyond Charity – Our Vision“, “Beyond Charity – Our Gospel“, “Lollipop Love?“, and “The poor do not need your money“.)

Instead of sticking this book on a shelf along with my other copy, I thought I would give this book away in a contest. Yes, you heard me correctly. I’m going to have a contest on my blog, and the winner will receive John Perkins’ book Beyond Charity: The Call to Christian Community Development free of charge. I will even ship it to you.

Now, here are the rules of the contest:

Email me ( an example of how you, your family, or you and a group of people served others. It could be a story of serving people within the church, or serving people outside the church. You are allowed to submit more than one entry. I may choose to publish some of these stories as “guest blogger” posts, so if you want to remain anonymous, let me know. If you want me to include a link to your blog or web site, let me know that as well. I will choose my favorite from among the submissions. (Yes, it will be completely subjective. But, hey, its my book.) Please email me your submissions BEFORE January 19, 2009. That gives you four weeks to submit your stories.

I will announce the winner – and include their story – in a post on Monday, January 19, 2009.

Hopefully, when I publish these stories, they will encourage others to serve the people around them. According to Paul, we were all created for good works that we should walk in them. Let’s start walking in those good works, and encourage others toward obedience and maturity with our stories.

I look forward to reading your stories!