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Christmas Giving

Posted by on Dec 6, 2008 in discipleship, missional, service | 2 comments

Alot of people complain about Christmas. They complain that Christmas has become more about getting than about Christ. If you are one of those who complain, then do something about it. Make this Christmas about Christ by GIVING. Why? Because Christ gave.

Last week, Margaret and I gave blood. She’s given blood as long as I can remember, and she persuaded me to start giving blood last year. I now give “double reds” if they need it. If you don’t want to give blood, then donate or volunteer to support the American Red Cross.

Also last week, we made another loan through Kiva, this time to a young lady in Nicaragua who wants to expand the retail space in her home. (She reminded me of the family that we stayed with when we visited Nicaragua a few years ago.) If you are not familiar with Kiva, this organization allows you to make micro-loans ($25) to people around the world. When the people pay the loans back (usually in about a year), you can loan that money to other people.

Additionally, last week, we went Christmas shopping for some of the children who live in the government assisted housing development that we spend time in each week. We have participated in “angel tree” type of projects before. (If you are not familiar with “angel tree”, it is where you choose the name of a random child off of a tree and buy a present for that child.) We’re excited about this year because we actually know the children that we’re buying gifts for.

Finally, last week, Margaret took an elderly lady to her doctor’s appointment. The lady lives in the government assisted housing development where we spend time each week. She called Margaret one morning and said that there was no one to take her to the doctor. So, Margaret took her.

So, we’ve started our Christmas giving already. Our children (Jeremy and Miranda) are excited about giving; they helped us choose and pay for (yes! with their money!) some of the toys for the children.

Will you start giving too? I don’t mean giving to people who will give back to you. I mean, will you give to someone who cannot give a gift to you in return? You know, the way that God gives…


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  1. 12-6-2008


    Thank you for posting this. I struggle with the Christmas spirit of most, I struggle with my own as well.

    First off, as a fellow “double red”, bravo!

    Second, I am trying to work through what we can afford to spend this Christmas season and then give that away to others. Not buying gifts for family or friends, but making a donation in their name.

    Not sure I am going to get fully there, but this is a convicting post to stay the course.

  2. 12-6-2008


    If you decide to do some Christmas giving, I hope you tell us about it on your blog. We all need examples.