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Posted by on Dec 13, 2008 in love, service | Comments Off on Caroling

As my regular readers know, our family and some friends have been spending time in a government assisted housing project since last Summer. We usually spend time there every week.

Last Wednesday, several of us got together to sing Christmas carols in that neighborhood. It was such an amazing experience! One lady – who is usually very stoic – was grinning from ear to ear. Another lady sang along with us and cried when we had to leave. A family with three kids took a break from their pizza dinner to listen to us sing, the children smiling the whole time.

I think the best moment of the night, though, was when we sang to a family that we do not know very well. They only moved into this neighborhood recently. We first met them when we raked leaves in the neighborhood a few weeks ago (see my post “Bread, Cup, and Leaves“). When one of the children from this family walked outside, he recognized someone – I’m not sure who he recognized, and it doesn’t matter. He pointed and said very excitedly, “I remember you!”

What a great time we had singing Christmas carols! I think that what made it special is that we already have relationships with the neighbors, and we’re building relationships with others. We love them, and they love us. Singing Christmas carols is not the extent of our demonstration of God’s love, but it is one specific demonstration of how much God loves them, and how much we love them.

(By the way, tonight (Saturday night) we’ll be singing Christmas carols in the neighborhood of our friends Maël and Cindy. They’ve also built relationships with their neighbors, and we always look forward to singing to their neighbors.)