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Blog Comment Day Reminder

Posted by on Dec 2, 2008 in blog links | 2 comments

Tomorrow is Blog Comment Day. John Smulo at smulospace has named December 3 as “Blog Comment Day 2008“.

Why did John start Blog Comment Day? He says, “Though there may be 100 reasons why people blog, I’ve yet to meet a blogger who doesn’t appreciate comments. For this reason I’m starting Blog Comment Day on December 3, 2008.”

Here are the rules:

  • On December 3, 2008 you will leave one comment on at least 5 different blogs.
  • Out of the 5 blogs you comment on, at least 2 of them will be blogs you haven’t commented on previously.

I’ve decided that I’m going to publish a list of blog posts that I comment on tomorrow night. If you take part in Blog Comment Day, why not post a list so that other people can follow your conversations as well. If you do not have a blog, feel free to post a list of your comments here.


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  1. 12-2-2008

    Hi Alan-
    I’m just getting back into the blogstream after a pretty long hiatus. I’ll comment tomorrow.

  2. 12-3-2008


    I really appreciate all of your support with this. Keep up the great blogging!