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A picture of the church

Posted by on Nov 14, 2008 in blog links, definition, service | 5 comments

Dave Black recently posted this on his blog:

When we first moved from southern California to the tobacco fields of North Carolina 10 years ago I learned that the Special Olympics are held in Raleigh. I recall watching one of the races on TV — Down’s Syndrome children running around a track full out. As they neared the finish line all of a sudden one of them fell down. Know what happened next? All of the other children stopped and picked up the fallen runner so that they could finish the race together.

When I saw that I said, “That’s the church!”

I agree. That’s the church.


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  1. 11-14-2008


    Great illustration. Sad to say, in the isztitutional church, I’ve only seen such practiced by occasional individuals, and that, only when prompted by the leadership.

    I’m thankful to say that in groups which exhibit the function of a family of followers of Christ, I’ve seen it happen corporately, and spontaneously.

  2. 11-14-2008

    I can’t spell either!

  3. 11-14-2008

    Aussie John,

    Yes, I think this shows up much more often when a group of believers considers themselves a family, and lives like a family. It is not enough to simply call ourselves a family.


  4. 11-14-2008


    It’s extremely sad to say that this should be the norm of Chritianity and not something unusual to talk about.

    I saw it a few times, but like Aussie John said, the leaders called on others to do it.

    I long to see a group of believers who truly consider themselves to be a family. I really have not seen it in nearly 16 years of salvation. It must be an awesome sight.


  5. 11-15-2008


    Yes, it is sad. I think living as family is something that we should continually strive for.