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Pastor of a Restaurant?

Posted by on Nov 29, 2008 in discipleship, service | 7 comments

A friend called Friday morning and asked if I would be willing to pick him up at the airport. Of course, I was willing, and I enjoyed the time we had together as I drove him from the airport to the restaurant where he works.

As we drove, we talked about several things – Thanksgiving, family, school, etc. At one point I asked him what God was doing in his life. He said he didn’t understand why it was taking him so long to get through school, but that lately he was thinking that when he graduated he would try to attend a culinary school with plans to open a restaurant.

How exciting! He doesn’t just want to open a restaurant so that he can make money, even though he is excited about food and creating new restaurants. He’s interested in giving people an atmosphere where they can meet together and try new food.

You see, my friend is a student at a seminary. But, he’s not planning to be employed by a church organization. He’s willing to learn a skill so that he can support himself and his family, and that gives him a chance to serve others. I can’t wait to see how God uses this young man!


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  1. 11-29-2008

    now this is a man i would like to meet.

  2. 11-29-2008


    At last! A young man actually planning to be a tentmaker!

    Sweet music!

    I’m with you,if the Lord allows me the privilege, “I can’t wait to see (hear) how God uses this young man!”

  3. 11-29-2008


    If you are in the Raleigh/Durham area, or if you even come through this area, let me know and I’ll take you to dinner at the restaurant where he works and introduce you.

    Aussie John,

    I’ve heard so many people around the seminary say that they agree that pastors in Scripture were not paid. But, they also say they have no other way to support their family, so they look for a job in a church organization. I’m glad that there are a few people – like this young man – who actually live according to their convictions.


  4. 11-30-2008

    How refreshing to hear about someone that doesn’t see earning an M-Div or Doctorate from seminary as the equivalent of winning the lottery. Thank you for posting this.

  5. 11-30-2008

    it’s me again…
    i was thinking..

    i am a servant shepherd with some bible college. I just stopped going.

    I minister in the streets and have a small flock of regulars. I take in the unwanted into my home until they get on their feet. I serve my community and sometimes hold service (church) in a bar.

    I also do some counseling that is recovery related.

    I am ordained at church level from years ago, but it is irrelevant to what I do unless a marriage is involved. all too often it is a funeral tho…

    Does it offend you guys with seminary backgrounds that i have no formal education with a diploma?

    Most call me brother, a few call me pastor..

    Abundant Blessings

    Frankie G
    A biker for Christ

    ps: i still want to meat this restaurant pastor 🙂

  6. 11-30-2008


    Its my pleasure to write about my friend. And, even better, I’m grateful to God for putting him into my life.


    It certainly doesn’t offend me. A seminary education does not equal spiritual maturity, nor does it equal usefulness. I’m excited to hear how God is using you!


  7. 12-3-2008

    A servant leader in the streets, outside the established church. I love it!

    Shepherds need to be with the flock where they live and eat and work and play as well as where they come for comfort, community, worship and guidance.

    Shepherds are needed in both places.


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