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November and Normativity

Posted by on Nov 1, 2008 in personal | 1 comment

If you remember, almost a month ago I told you that October was going to be a very busy month for me. It was! However, I was able to finish all of my assignments on time.

Now, finally, we’re in November. I only have one more writing assignment due this semester: a hermeneutics paper due December 5. This means that I have the entire month of November to research and write this paper (plus my normal reading load for my seminars and my mentorship with Dave Black).

I’ve decided to research and write on the topic of normativity in NT narrative. I also hope to include a case study from the book of Acts. It will probably not be from Acts 20, but from a shorter passage. However, it probably will deal with a church meeting. I may even be able to include some of this research on my dissertation.

So, the month of November looks to be a little less busy for now. Perhaps I’ll even be able to squeeze in a couple of book reviews that I need to do. Of course, I hope to spend most of my time with people – serving and love and being served and being loved by the people that God has placed in my life. Those people are the church… they are most important. Everything else – even earning a PhD – pales in comparison.

How incredibly ironic – and tragic! – it would be if I studied the church and never spent time with them? (Unfortunately, this happens everyday in a seminary environment.)

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  1. 11-1-2008

    I am much newer at this seminary thing than you, so I appreciate your insights.

    I also have a lighter November ahead of me, which will allow some family visits around the Thanksgiving break.

    The thought of keeping plugged into life outside of seminary rings in my ears. I do not want to just be a bible blimp.