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I’ve been mentioned in a book

Posted by on Nov 19, 2008 in blog links, scripture | 1 comment

Tuesday, Dave Black gave me a copy of the latest book which he edited: Perspectives on the Ending of Mark: Four Views. This book contains the essays presented at the conference “The Last Twelve Verses of Mark: Original or Not” held April 13-14, 2007. I was excited to see that I was mentioned in the preface of the book:

Looking upon the crowd gathered in the Eitel Auditorium (some of whom were live-blogging the event), one could not help reflecting that an interesting and provocative topic had indeed been chosen.

Ok… so I was not mentioned by name. But, I was one of those “live-blogging the event”. So, I was mentioned… almost.

Anyway, I understand that this book contains the essays presented at that conference. The essays were very well researched and presented. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in textual criticism, New Testament canon, or the synoptic Gospels.

If you are interested in my review of the book, you can start with my blog reports from the conference:

Daniel Wallace’s Presentation
Maurice Robinson’s Presentation
Keith Elliot’s Presentation
David Alan Black’s Presentation
Darrell Bock’s Presentation (response to the other presenters)
Panel Discussion

Plus, here are a few blog posts related to this conference:

Blogging the Last Twelve Verses of Mark Conference
Friday and Saturday with Mark and Other Friends
Reflections on The Last Twelve Verses of Mark: Original or Not?

Anyway, I appreciate the book, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I will.

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  1. 11-20-2008

    WOOT! I’M FAMOUS TOO! That makes two books that I’m in! BOOYAH!