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Bread, Cup, and Leaves

Posted by on Nov 15, 2008 in gathering, missional, ordinances/sacraments, service | 4 comments

On Sundays, when we meet with the church, we often eat lunch together. This lunch is very informal – each family brings food for themselves and usually enough to share with one or two others so we can invite others to stay with us. Then, once per month, we have a larger lunch together – more of a “pot luck” – during which more people usually stay and eat together. During this larger lunch, we also specifically share the bread and the cup. We call this “larger lunch” our “Lord’s Supper Fellowship”.

This Sunday we’re planning to have one of our Lord’s Supper Fellowships. So, we’ll be sharing the bread and cup and lunch together with the church. But, this Sunday, something else special is going to happen as well.

Last Saturday, we found out that no one rakes the leaves for the residents at the government assisted housing development where we spend time. Many of these neighbors are older, in poor health, or are single moms. So, it is very difficult for them to rake leaves for themselves.

We’ve invited the church to join us in raking leaves for this neighborhood this Sunday. So, after our weekly church meetings, and after we eat lunch and have time to talk, some of us will change into work clothes and go over to the neighborhood to start raking leaves.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the Lord’s Supper and to meet together with the church than by serving other people – especially those who can’t serve us in return.


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  1. 11-15-2008

    That is the definition of missional at work. I applaud the heart that takes on this task.

    It is convicting to me as well. Thank you for that, for it is a feeling I do not want to have but do not want to ignore.

  2. 11-15-2008

    Hey Alan,

    At Lifeline we would cancel every First Sunday and do outreach (we have not done this since last winter). It was pretty fun, we would help people rake leaves and do other things around the community. I hope to get that going again if we stay.

  3. 11-15-2008


    Mission “in theory” is not really missional. 🙂 We’re trying to live out the definition of missional, even if we don’t always call it that.


    Great idea! Did you get any flack from people who were concerned about not “going to church”?


  4. 11-15-2008


    You know it! People would complain that “we need the word” or “what about worship” or “what if somone comes to visit”. But a lot of the people enjoyed the out from behind the four walls gathering. I am going to push heavily for this again.