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Synchroblog on Leadership

Posted by on Oct 21, 2008 in synchroblog | Comments Off on Synchroblog on Leadership

The November Synchroblog topic will be “Leadership”. The Synchroblog will take place on November 4 – election day in the US. I’ve written about leadership a few times in the past, and I have been working on another blog post about the relationship between leadership and submission. I’ve decided to finish that blog post for the leadership synchroblog. I look forward to interacting with you about that topic, and reading and interacting with the other bloggers on other topics related to leadership.

By the way, the leadership topics do not have to be about politics. As you can probably tell, my topic will not be concerned with politics. If you would like to take part in this synchroblog, or to sign up to receive emails about future synchroblogs, go to this web site and submit the form.