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Love, Theologically Speaking

Posted by on Oct 7, 2008 in blog links, love | 3 comments

If you haven’t seen the “Out of Ur” cartoon “Love, Theologically Speaking” yet, then click on the link for a look. The caption of the cartoon (for those who will not click the link) is, “Of course I love people, at least in a theological sense”.

Honestly, this was me for much of my life, and it is still me in many ways. But, God is changing me. It is worthless for me to claim my love for God and others and then to do nothing about it. Do you know when God started teaching me how to love people? When I started to do something about it. When I started serving people, he taught me how to love people.

Do you love people? Then show it. Do something about it.


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  1. 10-7-2008


    Et tu Alan! God’s kind of love has heart,hands and feet!

  2. 10-7-2008

    Yes! And blood and sweat and tears!


  3. 10-7-2008