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Focus on what Christ is doing in our lives

Posted by on Oct 28, 2008 in blog links, discipleship, edification | 2 comments

Lionel at “A Better Covenant” has written a great admonition to all bloggers (and all Christians) in his post called “I am Looking at the Man in the Mirror!” He begins by pointing out a weakness in his own life – a weakness that I think plagues all of us from time to time:

To be honest this is a huge struggle and what has been convicting me a lot as of late. I started to reflect of all the things I have said about other Christians young and old, mature and immature, carnal and spiritual and how I have always saw myself in the upper echelon and others, well….. not so much.

This is how Lionel concludes:

I think as bloggers and believers, as we write and especially as we talk, lets focus on what Christ is doing in our lives and what we are doing for others in light of what Christ is doing in our lives. If we can find any room to talk about others, then I promised you the mirror is too far from our faces. If we look more attractive to ourselves while being critical of the appearance of others either the mirror is too far from our face or we are in denial. Our goal is to stay in our lane and to be honest with others about our struggles and shortcomings while HELPING others walk this great faith out until death or until our Lord returns. I hope to assist my brothers and sisters in the pursuit of our great prize, our great mark and the fellowship that Paul longs for.

What a great goal! I also want to seek to walk with Lord and see him grow me toward maturity in Christ. At the same time, I recognize that he often uses others – like you, my readers – to help me grow toward maturity. In the same way, he often uses me to help other grow in maturity. But, if my focus is on criticizing others more than becoming like Christ myself, then I’m like the man who stopped looking in the mirror. I can only help others grow in Christ as I myself am growing in Christ.


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