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Communities of Transformation

Posted by on Oct 27, 2008 in blog links, community | 9 comments

Lately, Grace at “Kingdom Grace” has been talking about communities of transformation. Her latest post on the topic is called “More on Communities of Transformation“. Grace copies this quote from Andy Crouch in his book Culture-Making:

Find friends and form a family who are willing to see grace at work in another’s lives, who can discern together which gifts and which crosses each has been called to bear. Find people who have a holy respect for power and a holy willingness to spend their power alongside the powerless. Find some partners in the wild and wonderful world beyond church doors.

Before I comment briefly on this passage, I’ll start by saying that there is nothing inherently wrong with church buildings and “church doors”. However, we cannot define our community (especially a transforming community) by a single location.

Many times people ask me about finding fellowship and community. I suggest exactly what Crouch says here: Start with your friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors. Begin to make time for them, and start spending more and more time with them – especially in the normal, everyday activities. Share life together. I think this is the start of a community of transformation for the believer.


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  1. 10-27-2008

    yes. We, in our flesh, isolate. Satan thrives in that. We must get into the light in every aspect of our lives. Community brings light to our lives.

  2. 10-27-2008


    Yes… “every aspect of our lives”. When we compartmentalize or isolate, I think we tend to shut God out.


  3. 10-27-2008

    A community that has not reached its potential yet is the on line community. I think a lot is happening here, but we have a long way to go until we truly are supporting each other in our individual and corporate walks.

  4. 10-27-2008

    Amen brothers.

  5. 10-27-2008


    That is an interesting concept. As much as I work with computers and take part in social networks, I haven’t thought much about a true online community. How do you think that would work?


  6. 10-28-2008

    Esp. in America with our individualistic tendencies, we have lost what true community means. In many churches, to see each other on Sunday morning is the norm, but this makes it nearly impossible to build meaningful relationships with those people, even in the long run.

  7. 10-28-2008


    You’ve hit on something key. As long as we define church by a Sunday morning meeting or by an organizational structure, then it will be almost impossible for the people to build relationships and form community.


  8. 10-29-2008

    Thanks for the link Alan (and sorry I’m so late, it’s been one of those weeks).

    To want this and actually step into are quite different things. I appreciate all of the stories that you share about how this is working for you and your tribe.

  9. 10-29-2008

    PS. I like the Indiana Jones look. 🙂