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City Church Again

Posted by on Oct 14, 2008 in blog links, definition | 1 comment

A few months ago, I started a “chain blog” on the subject of “city church”. The first post in the chain was “City Church – A Chain Blog“.

Now, Len, at “NextReformation“, has written some of his thoughts in his post “city church“. Here are some of his thoughts (spoken from God’s perspective):

The apostolic network of the early church isn’t like the network you will see growing. This network will be less visible and stronger because it is woven into the fabric—these cords will strengthen everything around them. This network will be relational, and it will transcend the boundaries of old and new.

There will be key leaders, but my people are not “over,” they are “among.” What once existed as a mechanism will become a movement. Leaders will be connected relationally and not through office. Their authority will come from me, not from a denominational structure. And it will be transparent, even to the leaders themselves. Power comes through love and service. My people are be too busy washing feet to worry about status.

The enemy is not very creative—so he always mimics what I am doing. But it doesn’t work very well. When you see church leaders fighting about vision and control, you know that isn’t the work I am doing. The leaders I am raising up will be willing to be invisible. They will not be worried about who gets the credit. They want to give Me the glory. This requires a “new heart and a new spirit,” and I love it!

The more leaders decrease, the more I increase, and the more the whole body will grow and mature. Too many of my people have been living in Egypt under hard taskmasters. They will again learn to hear my voice.

I think Len has some good thoughts here. What do you think?

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  1. 10-15-2008

    I agree with the entire statement.:)